Shaquille O’Neal Rescues Girlfriend No.3 from Unruly Crowd Despite Stinging Humiliation

Published 10/06/2023, 8:30 AM EDT

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Say what you want to Big Diesel but back off from his girlfriends. Shaquille O’Neal was entertaining a full house at a Chinese event. But when the crowd got a little unruly, he tamed them. Not for himself, but for one of his special friends he made in the country. He even bent the rules a bit to make the young fan’s day.

Back in his prime, if you missed a shot against the intimidating center, there were no do-overs. Yet Shaq scored a few brownie points with his pretty friend by giving her as many shots she needed.

Shaquille O’Neal gave a fan unlimited chances


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During a busy and fun expedition in China, Shaquille O’Neal showed his natural charms at an NBA event. As he’s inclined to do, he invited his fans to the center in turns. Any lady who came up would be dubbed Shaq’s “girlfriend.” That’s how Big Diesel got a total of four girlfriends in one event. It was Girlfriend No. 3 of 4 that stole the show. She was among the young athletes who opened the event before Shaq came on.

When the magnanimous giant invited her to his interview zone, she carried a Los Angeles Lakers jersey. O’Neal was glad to sign it for her.


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Then, the host spiced it up with a little free-throw match. Initially, she was given only one shot but she missed. That should’ve been the end of it. But not on Shaq’s watch.

Her foot was not on the line,” he claimed, invalidating her first try. So his young fan got to try again. When she missed the second shot too, her 7’1″ knight swooped in again, this time blaming the fans for her mistake.

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Wait, the fans were making too much noise.” Or so he says. “You get one more shot,” he stated making the spectators laugh.

To prevent any disruption, Shaq made hushing and ‘calm down’ gestures at the stands. His ambient conditioning worked because Girlfriend No. 3’s third shot sunk in the basket and the stadium roared with cheers. But no one was happier than her boyfriend Shaq.

Charming Shaq sweeps over China


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Like a proud coach, O’Neal went to hug his fan for scoring the shot (it was adorable that even with her arms stretched to max, she couldn’t reach Shaq’s shoulders). He demanded, “Make some noise, make some noise,” from the stands when he sent his third girlfriend of the day with a signed jersey.

While his real romantic status has been the subject of debate, the big charmer snags a girlfriend at every event he appears.

Recently, he was threatening anyone who came in between him and his sign language interpreting “girlfriend.” China too is seeing the Big Aristotle rizz at its fullest – whether it’s his interaction with babies or with UFC champion, Zhang Weili.


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Shaquille O’Neal has a lot more updates coming from his trip, each one more wholesome than the next. Let’s see how many more locals get swept in his charisma.

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