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Shaquille O’Neal Reveals How Just 2 Questions Triggered Profound Social Media Message

Published 11/19/2023, 11:59 PM EST

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We usually associate humor, wit, and larger-than-life generosity with Shaquille O’Neal. But sometimes he comes with profound wisdom that makes it easier to cope with harsh reality. The multi-millionaire, multi-hyphenate has accomplished much beyond four NBA championships and he’s not slowed down. You’d think he’s restless to do more and more. But in a single statement, he proved the contrary.

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While at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Shaq explained his secret to finding stability at 51 years old. The one thing he remains unstoppable at is bringing smiles to people.

Shaquille O’Neal gives food for thought


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Four NBA championships and 15 All-Star appearances later, Shaquille O’Neal retired in 2011. He’s fashioned himself a multi-faceted career as an entertainer, NBA analyst, businessman, investor, restauranteur and a rapper turned EDM’s newest god, all while helping anyone he can. And he still has the time to plan pranks on his friends. Some assume Big Diesel can’t stay still.

Then he tweeted this on November 8. “The older you get the more you realize how precious life is. You have no desire for drama, conflict or stress. You just want good friends, a cozy home, food on the table, and people who make you happy.”


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This isn’t unprompted. It’s just been Shaq’s belief since a certain incident. While hosting the Club SI party for the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, O’Neal revealed what sparked this philosophy.

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I met an old-timer the other day and he asked me, ‘How old are you?’ And I said, ‘50.’ And he said, ‘You know what comes next?’ I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ’60,’” Shaq narrated as per The Messenger amid all his grand plans to own an NBA team.

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He further added, “In nine years, I’ll be 60 and then after that I’ll be 70. I’ve been through trials and tribulations and we never know when our time will be. All my kids are grown. For me, it’s just all about peace and respecting people and having fun.


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After hosting the Club SI party on Saturday, O’Neal will host his annual football party, Shaq’s Fun House on Friday. Thanksgiving comes before that and Shaq’s celebration looks a lot like he just described.

As he tweeted, Shaq has great friends like David Beckham who he hosted the Las Vegas event with. He has multiple homes in cities he loves, including Vegas. His love for a classic chicken sandwich is thriving and he’s surrounded by his loved ones.

He also goes above and beyond to spread that spirit. He fixed the community basketball court in South LA and gave every kid a free pair of Reebok sneakers. At the reopening of the court, he said that he was going to spend Thanksgiving at home with some peace and quiet. It’s customary for him to give his chef an off on the day, make himself a turkey sandwich, and help out other families on that day.


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He’s illustrating how to age well and stay at peace. Do you agree with this tidbit of Shaq-uialism?

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