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Aside from the basketball skills that are possessed by him, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal also has a sharp mind when it comes to business. Using the wealth accumulated from his 19 year career with the league, Shaq has invested in various ventures. His portfolio ranges from clothing brands to prominent names in the food industry. Now, he has taken to the skies to promote the restaurant closest to his heart.

The former player also boasts his own restaurant franchise, specializing in the type of food that made his childhood days. With the franchise expanding at an exponential level, they are making their presence heard everywhere.

Shaq uses unique method to promote new restaurant location


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The official Instagram account of Shaq’s Big Chicken recently uploaded a post. Captioning it as “The Stars Have aligned,” it featured the franchise announcing the arrival of one of its restaurants in The Queen Baton Rouge, a casino located in the capital city of Louisiana. In order to promote the restaurant far and wide, a new strategy was adopted by the management team. A ‘Laser Projection’ highlighted in the post featured the official emblem of ‘Big Chicken’ adorning the night sky.

Another picture attached to the post featured customers sitting in the new location and enjoying their meals from the establishment.


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Shaquille O’Neal himself took to Instagram to promote the post with his 32.1 Million followers.

The Los Angeles Lakers legend holds ‘Big Chicken’ very close to his heart. After all, he made the restaurant serve the same type of food, accompanied by the same portions and arrangement, that Shaq himself used to consume while growing up.

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From “Lucille’s Mac and Cheese” to “Uncle Jerome’s Hot Chicken”, most of the food items have been named after the people who have shaped Shaq into the man he is today.

Shaquille O’Neal has big plans for ‘Big Chicken’

Shaq’s post about his restaurant’s new location in Louisiana comes days after a series of articles highlighted just how big the former player is planning to expand his reach.

It all started a few days ago. Miami News Times took to Instagram to announce that Big Chicken is making plans to “plant its flag” in the coastal city. Soon after that, The Houston Chronicle broke the news that 50 new ‘Big Chicken’s could be adorning the Texas cities of Houston, Dallas etc. within the coming months.


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The four-time NBA champion has spent several millions already to expand the crown jewel of his food franchise. Therefore, it seems fair that Shaq gets his money’s worth in return. Taking the number of restaurants from 13 to more than 150 is a big step.


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All of it is part of Shaq’s effort to ensure that everyone in America gets a taste of ‘Big Chicken’.

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