Keion's undefeated success—Does Shaunie Henderson's support play a crucial role in his achievements?

Shaunie is not the only scribe in the Henderson household. Her husband delved into the literary business over a decade ago. Since then, Pastor Keion Henderson met, dated, and married Shaunie. Recently, they zapped Instagram users with fuzzy feelings with glimpses into Keion’s 43rd birthday this past weekend. Shaunie shared the moment her husband received one of the best birthday gifts she’s given. Although the weekend’s over, but his birthday surprises aren’t!

Shaunie calls out Keion to receive something at the door in a reel she shared on her page. The package turned out to be the first copy of his new book, ‘Lazy Love’. The Perfect Birthday Gift!! @pastorkeion #LazyLove,” Shaunie wrote before flexing a tad with, “Pre-Orders Now Available Everywhere Book are Sold.”

Lazy Love: Recognizing and Reversing the 4 Threats to any Successful Relationship officially releases on August 6, a month after its author’s birthday on July 6. It comes three months after Shaunie’s memoir, Undefeated: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms, released in May.


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Unlike his wife, Keion is not a first-time author. Or as he corrected Shaunie in this clip, he’s not just a “book writer,” he’s an “author out here, mama.” He’s credited with the 2012 book, The Shift: Courageously Moving from Season to Season. It explains how he was able to motivate Shaunie to continue writing her memoir, which she started in 2018 and paused briefly after they met.

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He returns to writing in 2024 with a different theme than his last one. While the previous book was about overcoming troubles, this one is about strengthening relationships. Not just with a partner, but also with family, friends, and others. Noteworthy from a guy who built a strong bond with his five stepkids and has a relationship of mutual respect with Shaunie’s ex, Shaquille O’Neal. No wonder this birthday gift blew every other one out of the water.

Shaunie outdoes herself on her husband’s birthday

For his first birthday after their wedding in May 2022, Shaunie surprised Keion with a “cultural honeymoon” on a European yachting vacation. This year she wrote him an all-encompassing simple message, “his is an easy caption…Happy Birthday to the LOVE OF MY LIFE! No need to explain what’s unexplainable. I love you baby!” on Instagram. She also shared a few glimpses of what looks like a romantic date night.


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But Keion’s smile was the widest, receiving the first hardbound version of his book that Shaunie had to show it twice, with the second time in slow-mo. Henderson still humbly let future readers know, “I don’t know what I’m doing, because I’m not an expert, but I’m not an expert. I’m just experienced.” He’s probably referring to his blended family with Shaunie because she was happy to disclose she’s in this book.

When Shaunie was reluctant about her memoir she began before meeting Keion, he reminded her that her story can encourage someone else too. So it’s full circle that their relationship is also a theme of Keion’s book.

What do you think about Keion’s gift? Let us know in the comments below.


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