“She F*****g Loves Larsa [Pippen]”: Marcus Jordan Reveals His Family’s Position on 16-Years Older Girlfriend

Published 02/25/2024, 10:01 PM EST

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If there was any question about who in Marcus Jordan’s family that Larsa Pippen had to impress, we have the answer to that. Marcus revealed that his girlfriend, who’s 16 years his senior, passed that test with flying colors. ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ season finale went into Michael Jordan’s apparent disapproval of his son’s current relationship. Marcus, however, revealed that it’s his mother, Juanita Vanoy, whose opinion he holds in the highest regard.

My mom is the one that I want to make sure likes the person that I’m dating, and she f***king loves Larsa,” he said in a confessional alongside Larsa. Regarding his father, Marcus said, “My dad has definitely been vocal and adamant about making sure that I’m happy, but my dad hasn’t met any other women that I dated. I feel like my dad is going to be OK with whoever it is I end up with.


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Juanita Vanoy has been the biggest LarCus cheerleader since day 1. Shortly after they went public with their relationship and earned a barrage of criticism, Marcus revealed that Vanoy was among the first to assure them of her support. She’d even leave sweet comments under Larsa’s Instagram posts, proving Marcus right that his mother does adore Larsa.

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The timing couldn’t be more perfect. The season finale comes right after Marcus and Larsa reconciled after a brief break. Vanoy or anyone in the Jordan family didn’t comment on it.

Marcus Jordan’s parents react differently


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This episode was apparently filmed around the time paparazzi questioned Michael Jordan in Paris if he approved of Marcus and Larsa dating. MJ shouted a resounding “No.” On their podcast, ‘Separation Anxiety’, (which was also filmed during the same episode) and on ‘RHOM’, Marcus said his father was joking.

However, Larsa Pippen was stressed because even her co-stars were grilling her about Jordan’s supposed disapproval. Her fallout with Guerdy Abraira was so intense that she used that as a jab against Larsa.


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When Michael Jordan caused that frenzy, his ex-wife was new to Instagram. She used it to counter the negative attention going their way. She was promoting their podcast on her page, though Marcus said his mom is not great at technology. In turn, Larsa urged her millions of followers to follow Juanita’s new Instagram.


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Marcus also was grateful for his mother’s bond with Larsa. “There was a picture that we posted that Larsa posted on Instagram. My mom who is new to Instagram loves it though. She loves to comment. She put some hearts on our post,” he said on the podcast. Clearly, Marcus is content as long as his mother is on his side.

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