Singing Praises of Her Own Honesty, Larsa Pippen Justifies Her Own Snoopy Actions: “I’ll Never Be Faithful to You Again”

Published 08/16/2023, 3:10 PM EDT

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This week, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan discuss a very common aspect of relationships on their podcast, Separation Anxiety. Their discussion escalated from jealousy to digging into each other’s privacy. Now these topics are treading on dangerous waters. But Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife is unapologetic about her stance as usual. She would take some extreme steps to ensure the loyalty of her partner.

This comes shortly after she admitted she is a factor in Scottie Pippen’s public feud with Michael Jordan by dating the latter’s son. Despite the drama surrounding their romance, Larsa and Marcus dish straightforward advice on healthy relationships.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan talk about trust


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This week, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan took on some generic issues in a relationship on Separation Anxiety. Their opinions are the hot take though. Halfway into the episode, they talk about jealousy.


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Reflecting on a toxic jealousy-filled relationship she had in the past, Larsa said a healthy amount of jealousy is good in a relationship. Marcus agreed that a little shows that you care about your partner.

It escalated from there, and they were talking about blindly trusting each other. A lot of people would agree that invading a partner’s privacy could be a deal-breaker. While Marcus was talking about snooping through someone’s phone, Pippen claimed, “Women are known for digging. We like to dig”.

So Marcus had to ask, “Can you tell me why women like to dig?” Larsa’s answer was plain and simple. “Because they just want to know what’s up”.

Pippen gives a late disclaimer that there wouldn’t be a reason to snoop if everyone was honest. And she personally guarantees she’s “super-super-duper honest”. Marcus, claiming he is honest too, is interrogated as Pippen would doubly emphasize, “Like I tell you exactly what it is.”

Pippen is open about her actions

Pippen and Jordan dished sound advice about relationships. They discussed what relationships need in the same podcast. They were also pretty clear that lies had no place in a healthy relationship.


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Larsa would promote her honesty by talking about another past relationship. She revealed she got a tattoo for someone who she would tell, “‘Hey, just so you know going forward, I gave you so much love and I never got it back. I will never be faithful to you again.’ Like, all bets are off”.

Pippen would claim that being honest also helps her move forward faster. “I’m open and honest like that. I don’t play games”.

Marcus would agree silently as she’s expressing that. And after she spoke about her candor, her boyfriend said, “That should be appreciated.”


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Pippen is candid and unapologetic for sure. She’s made no secret about how she felt since Michael Jordan’s public disapproval of their relationship. Do you also agree with Larsa’s policy on invading your partner’s privacy?

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