Stephen Jackson’s “Losers” Rant on $100 Million Rejection for NBA Honor Gains Shaquille O’Neal and 7x Champion’s Approval

Published 09/23/2023, 12:23 AM EDT

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Many retired NBA players are not too pleased with the exorbitant contracts that are being dished out to young stars. While their potential must be appreciated, the former players believe money is not the only way for it. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has been one of them who has often shown his disapproval through social media. Surprisingly, this time, another Los Angeles Lakers legend decided to join Shaq. Sharing a video of former NBA star Stephen Jackson throwing shade at current NBA players, both the Lakers legends have made their opinions clear. 

At the same time, this has started a controversial debate online. What should a player value more? Championships or money? Let’s take a look at what the retired stars have to say. 

Money or championships? Shaquille O’Neal has a clear choice


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Some very young superstars in the league managed to bag hefty contracts worth more than $250 million this off-season. Surprisingly, a few of them have not even made it to the playoffs yet. Moreover, some NBA veterans who are yet to win a championship continue to demand higher pay. This has pissed many retired players, including Stephen Jackson.

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The 2003 NBA champion did not hold back. In a video, the 45-year-old shared, “I’m tired of seeing this s*** on Instagram coming from basketball players. That’s why a lot of y’all losers! If you ain’t come from nothing, then you’d understand why people say they’d rather $50 million and a championship. Coz I care about being the best… 50 million is enough for people who come from nothing.” 


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For those who chose a higher pay, Jackson said, “Talking about, ‘I’ll take a $100 million and f**k the championship.’ Nah, I’ll take $50 million and a championship. You are not a winner, you don’t wanna be the best. You just want to maintain and go along.” Shaquille O’Neal, who has not been a fan of the expensive contracts, shared Jackson’s rant on his Instagram stories and he wasn’t alone.



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7x NBA champion Robert Horry shared the video as well and added, “Speak on it”. However, at the same time, many social media users do not agree with this take from Stephen Jackson.


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What about the ringless legends? 

A few Instagram users decided to mention the careers of Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, etc. who did not win a ring but created an impact. There are many more like Karl Malone and Charles Barkley, etc. who have entertained fans despite not winning the ultimate title. 

However, Jackson’s emphasis is on the mindset of the young superstars who are placing their contracts higher than the will to win a ring. While the debate continues, we would like to know your take on this. 


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Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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