Twitter Backlash Over Gabrielle Union Beef Fueled Terry Crews’ Angry Retort, Makes Sincere Confession

Published 02/28/2024, 4:45 AM EST

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“I’m a hog. You’re a chicken. Just ‘cuz you gave me eggs— Don’t mean I owe you bacon.” This was Terry Crews’ response after Gabrielle Union called him out for his lack of support after she cited discrimination on the sets of America’s Got Talent. However, Crews then apologized to Union on social media and recently revealed how he got the chance to make amends in person.

During an appearance on the Club Shay Shay, Crews talked about what led to him tweeting in response to Union calling him out. During the interaction with Shannon Sharpe, he admitted, “That is one of my biggest, biggest regrets…A problem I had, getting on Twitter. And you cannot have a nuanced conversation. I got angry, you know the internet talks. They talk about my wife, my kids and I got mad and started tweeting and it wasn’t smart.” After Union had spoken about Crews not backing in her claims of discrimination, the actor had made some tweets taking slight digs at her. He repeatedly apologized on social media but didn’t have the chance to do it in person, until two years ago.

Crews revealed that two years ago he and his wife Rebbeca were celebrating their anniversary at a music festival when they ran into D-Wade and Gabrielle Union. The Flash approached him first and was very courteous about it. Crews immediately asked if he could talk to him and Gabrielle. The two former AGT colleagues and their spouses sat down together and had a heart-to-heart conversation.


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Crews added, “I went right over and I said ‘I’m sorry Gabrielle’ because there’s things I didn’t know. I’m speaking ’cause I’m speaking angry,” about their past exchange. “But there was so much to the story. I didn’t even fully understand I screwed that up. Then the internet got involved and it was horrifying.”

The former LA Rams linebacker also mentioned how they finally reconciled, “I apologized to her face. I said Gabi, please please accept this apology and she did. She gave me the biggest hug, hug my wife. Dude we ate with them, had lunch with them.”

Crews admitted that he had said some hurtful things out of anger and deeply regretted that. He was referring to a series of back-and-forth after Union raised some damaging allegations against AGT of racial discrimination. In response, Crews had claimed he had not witnessed any such occurrence. In a Today Show interview Crews said that her claims of a “racist and misogynistic” workplace was “never” his experience.

He even revealed that Rebecca had warned him against saying anything on social but his arrogance got in the way. Crews’ “hog and chicken” tweet suggested that while Union had publicly expressed support for him in 2017 when he claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive, that didn’t mean he owed her. But that wasn’t the only tweet he directed towards Union.

Terry Crews’ sly jabs at Gabrielle Union


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The AGT host fired a series of tweets that didn’t mention Union but were interpreted as a jab at her. One of them read, “There is only one woman one [sic] earth I have to please,” he wrote in a tweet. “Her name is Rebecca. Not my mother, my sister, my daughters or co-workers. I will let their husbands/ boyfriends/ partners take care of them. Rebecca gives me WINGS.” His rant resulted in heavy backlash against him.


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Crews was quick to apologize to Union through social media. In a 2020 Twitter thread, he said he reacted out of anger. “I want you to know it was never my intention to invalidate your experience— but that is what I did. I apologize. You have been through a lot in this business, and with that I empathize with the struggle toward fairness and equality in the workplace,” he directly addressed Union in those tweets.


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It seems the two have finally moved on from the incident and have reconciled their differences from the past.


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