2x NBA Champion Waiting for LeBron James’ Ownership Dreams to Become Reality Before Taking Advice

Published 03/25/2024, 11:23 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

It’s been two seasons without Rajon Rondo on the court and LeBron James wants to change that. But with a slight alteration. He wants the Lakers champ to return to the franchise as a coach. While it’s a tempting offer, Rondo had a counter to it. He revealed what it is on Rachel Nichols and DeMarcus Cousins’ podcast. And he hinted that he might bring Boogie along for the ride too.

The catch? “I’m just waiting on Bron to buy that team in Vegas. Then I’ll be ready to go.” For the uninitiated, James is keen on bringing the NBA expansion team to Las Vegas after calling it a day on his playing career. Instead of coaching the Lakers, Rondo said that he’d rather coach LeBron’s new team instead. Your move, Bron.


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Hard to tell if he’s being serious or not. Rondo said that he’s content spending retirement with his daughter who is on the college track. He’s playing coy about switching to coaching for now.

James thinks the former teammate he won the 2020 championship with would make a winning coach. He even finds it surprising Rondo isn’t already coaching at a “high level.” He joked that Rondo’s not doing it because he doesn’t want to deal with “rich and entitled guys.”

Rajon Rondo initially responded to his friend’s advice on Instagram with a positive, “Should I start college or pro level?” Not many would be opposed to him skipping a few steps right to coaching the pros. If he does, he intends to drag DeMarcus Cousins with him.

Terms set for LeBron James’ future team


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Playoff Rondo is not saying never. He even has a few names for his staff as he casually suggested, “Boog might make the cut.” The reason might be the ‘rich and entitled’ youngsters Bron was joking about. “I do need an enforcer on the staff. These kids nowadays, you know, they might fight the coach. So I got, I need Boog on the staff– Security-slash-big man coach.”

DeMarcus Cousins honestly said he’s getting the short end of the stick but he’s ready to, “rock out with my dog.” He’s got his own terms too. He wants Rondo to run all game-winning plays through him or he’s not signing. And he’ll work his way up to seize Rondo’s fictitious head coach position.


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All that’s pending is for LeBron James to make it official. His potential Vegas team already has two top talents in the coaching staff.


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