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“U Crazy”: Gilbert Arenas Lands in ‘Trouble’ as Personal Attack on 2x NBA Champ Faces Backlash From Paul Pierce and More

Published 09/21/2023, 1:34 AM EDT

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Former Washington Wizards star guard Gilbert Arenas retired from the NBA almost 11 years ago. Even then, however, he keeps himself updated on the latest happenings around the world of professional basketball. However, sometimes this is to his detriment as he occasionally makes inflammatory comments that offend other NBA stars and fanbases.

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As Arenas goes off against a Milwaukee Bucks star over his latest decision, his former rivals and various other NBA enthusiasts take to the comments section to make their voice heard.

Gilbert Arenas goes off against ‘The Dream’


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Almost a week ago, Giannis Antetokounmpo sat down for a podcast interview with ‘48 Minutes’. During the same, the 2021 NBA Champion discussed his plan to take a trip to Houston and join a training camp for a couple of days. The lessons there would be provided under the supervision of Houston Rockets legend Hakeem Olajuwon.

This decision caught the attention of Gilbert Arenas. Arenas expressed his frustration that the 2x DPOY will be teaching his contemporaries some “outdated” moves.


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“Who the f*ck you gonna do the moves on? (Victor) Wembanyama?” exclaimed Arenas during his show, criticizing Olajuwon’s iconic ‘Dream Shake’ move. The Wizards star held the opinion that no player since 1990 had been seen indulging in the move that put Olajuwon on the map.

In order to express his point further, Arenas then proceeded to use the chair he was sitting on as a metaphor for Victor Wembanyama. “He weigh this much,” Arenas added, before proceeding to move the chair with his elbow.

2008 NBA Champion and Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce called out the remarks made about Hakeem ‘The Dream’.

Paul Pierce and others react to Arenas’ remarks

Pierce took to the comments section to write “U crazy put some respect on dream name first of all that move dream did on baseline with the one arm fake layup they still doing today stop it.”

Pierce earlier held the same opinion as Arenas in picking out some dominant players for the 2024 Team USA roster. This time, however, they’re on opposing side. Former Minnesota Timberwolves player Rashad McCants also chimed in.

He took to the comments section, “Man you said he needed to get better and now you saying don’t get better from the best??” McCants proceeded to highlight how Giannis wasn’t the only renowned name who has sought professional training from Olajuwon.


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“So I guess you want him to go get some handle and a tmac jumper lol. So when kobe did it I ain’t hear nuttin…… crickets lol and kobe footwork came from Dream lol. Make it make sense Gilllllllllllll,” McCants added.

Other fans joined in to criticize Arenas’ rant. “The whole nba used dreams footwork stop playing: Kobe, bron, melo all them.”

“May not be the dream shake, but Hakeem had elite feet work. That can still help Giannis in the long run,” said a user. Another commenter didn’t think that Arenas was someone who was at a position to criticize other players. He wrote a remark stating, “Mans has 0 credibility with them 0 rings. Stop it.”


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What are your thoughts on Gilbert Arenas’ remarks? Let us know in the comments down below.

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