Unfortunate Jerry Krause Incident Saddens Pistons Legend, Recounts Hall of Fame’s Blessing in Disguise

Published 02/11/2024, 1:32 PM EST

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The Chicago Bulls fans tarnished the Ring of Honor night for their franchise. The event was held for the first time in the franchise’s history to honor some of the biggest legends of the Bulls. Late Jerry Krause was among those legends to be honored that night and his wife was there to accept the honor on his behalf.

However, as soon as his name was announced at the event, fans started booing which led to Thelma Krause breaking out in tears. The fans’ reactions were heavily criticized in the hoop community.

Recently NBA veteran John Salley was in a conversation with DJ Vlad on his YouTube channel. Salley talked about how he felt witnessing the disgraceful act of the Bulls fans. Although he echoed similar sentiments as other veterans, the 4x NBA champion was able to see something positive in the event. He said, “I think it was terrible when they started booing, I was like oh my god. Blessings to Ron Harper, he got up and patted her, and all of us started standing up and clapping, and then they all started clapping.” Salley said that it was a great night overall but was ruined by that one act from the fans.


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The NBA veteran said “It was like a magic carpet” the way they organized that event and how everyone was treated during that time.

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Charles Barkley blasted the Bulls fans for booing Jerry Krause

Charles Barkley doesn’t mince his words, ever. And this time he was even more furious with what happened at the Bulls Ring of Honor ceremony. Sir Charles called out the fans for being so harsh on Krause’s wife and booing while the name of a man who passed away was called at the ceremony. He said, “I want to be very careful here, ‘cause you know, Chicago, I love that city. What happened in Chicago the other night was a disgrace. It was a flat-out disgrace.”

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“What those fans did to Mrs. Krause, that was not cool, and everybody involved owes that lady an apology, whether you like Jerry Krause or not, that man’s dead, RIP. His wife is there and y’all made that lady cry and that was total BS,” Barkley added. Fans blame Krause for breaking up the Bulls dynasty in the 90s and their resentment comes from their assumption of the same.


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