“We Thought It Was Stupid”: Charles Barkley Shows Humility In Admission About NBA’s Top Executive

Published 12/05/2023, 9:25 PM EST

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It was a tough cookie to swallow, but Charles Barkley is finally on board. He gave Adam Silver credit for adding some early thrills into the 2023-24 season after he struggled to understand the new concept. The structure of the in-season tournament has been difficult to understand for most, including Chuck. So while the TNT analysts were discussing how this works out, Barkley claims the NBA commissioner is on to something.

The in-season tournament is mixing up things on the broadcasting side too. So we’re going to see Chuck in a new combination.

Charles Barkley is savoring the new system


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The in-season tournament system stumped Charles Barkley along with so many fans. It’s undeniable though that the incentives are making for a series of exciting games. The Inside the NBA panel enjoyed the tenacity in all the Knockout games and is looking forward to the semifinals.

Barkley took that moment to thank Adam Silver for the sport-entertainment spectacle. “We thought it was stupid,” he reminded the Inside Guys of their earlier discussion.


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We’ve got to give Adam Silver some credit. This thing is working,” is Chuck’s opinion now. “This has been a success. So shoutout to Adam Silver for trying new things.” 

Back in June, when the NBA was set to inaugurate the in-season tournament to incentivize fierce competition early in the regular season, Barkley interviewed Silver about it. Silver did his best to explain the format to the analyst but he remained as baffled as NBA viewers.

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If I’m one of the teams that is trying to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy, what’s in it for me to play in that tournament? We’re already having a hard time getting these guys to play,” was Barkley’s concern back then.

As Ernie Johnson informed his co-hosts today, aside from the cash prizes, the trophies for this tournament have been unveiled. The fresh hardware is designed by Tiffany & Co. and includes a team trophy, the MVP trophy, as well as medals. There are also crystal basketballs awarded to the five members who will be named to the All-Tournament Team.

Commissioner Adam Silver also dragged the NBA analysts into the festivities in an interesting yet confusing way.


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Chuck has a new contender

The In-Season Tournament was already a mouthful for Shaq. Then Adam Silver devised a new way to confuse him. The semifinals on December 7 will be a blended coverage of ESPN and TNT. Which means they’re also switching up their star sportscasters.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is coming over to TNT. It’s not only the chance to see his old chemistry with Shaquille O’Neal, we might see him and Chuck trying to prove each other wrong. On TNT’s end, Reggie Miller is heading to “S-Pen for a rare broadcast.


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The announcement had managed to confuse Barkley once more. Ernie Johnson had to explain the tournament system all over again but at least he’s enjoying it.


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