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5 Months After Unveiling Dennis Rodman’s Traumatizing Offer, 74 YO Wrestling Legend Recalls Another ‘Crazy’ Rodman Story: “…Buses Full of Women”

Published 09/29/2023, 1:30 PM EDT

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In the realm of sports entertainment, few characters are as mysterious as NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. A larger part of his dynamic lifestyle was professional wrestling, which came alongside his theatrical flair, both in basketball and everything he does. Five months back, the sporting world was rocked with a bombshell revelation. A WWE Hall of Fame wrestler revealed a strange story about the NBA great Dennis Rodman.

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According to the revelation, Rodman allegedly offered big money to go to North Korea and invited this wrestling legend to come along on this strange trip. The grappling great was quick to reject the request outright, pointing to prior encounters. However, as it seems, it was only the beginning!

An electrifying encounter: Dennis Rodman’s Unconventional Visit


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It was Ric Flair again with a story of Dennis Rodman. Their experiences were not limited to North Korean dreams, but spanned across different parts of America.

In his own words, this aging wrestling icon portrays his experience with “Dennis the Menace.” In cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Charlotte, they established one another on a different, inter-sports level. But most shocking of all was when Rodman traveled to Florida’s West Coast to hang out with this wrestling icon.


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The wrestling legend described the experience of Rodman’s visit as “electric.” “I just saw him about a month ago,” said Flair. “He’s not going to change. Three months later, he would visit me. He came in with two coaches buses of girls…He stopped by Hulk’s place at Clearwater. He visited me the following day.”

Two buses. Two buses, in fact, a move only Dennis Rodman could pull off in a manner that nobody could have predicted. Rodman brought, by the appearance of things, an entire squadron of female companions. The legendary wrestler’s face widened in disbelief as he remembered that odd entrance — a march led by Dennis Rodman and a group full of enthusiasm.

Dennis Rodman’s Unforgettable NBA Legacy


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Dennis Rodman’s legacy in the NBA remains unmatched. His off-the-court actions also added an extra dimension to “the human highlight film.”. From his trademark hair dyes to his high-profile romances with music icons like Madonna, Rodman was the epitome of boldness and uniqueness during his time with the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, and Los Angeles Lakers.

He’s one of the best ever in basketball, no doubt about that, but as a sports fan, what continues to fascinate and confuse us all are stories like the one shared by our wrestling legend, where the unbelievable happens. Rodman’s openness to the unconventional, embracing it, secured his place in history as a renegade, a man who would break from NBA norms long ago and make an impact far beyond hoops.


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But as anyone who’s paid any attention knows, he was also famously quirky, and now, one of professional wrestling’s all-time greatest legends shares his own memories of what the NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman was really like.

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