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It’s been 12 years since Shaquille O’Neal retired from the NBA. After making a fortune from the league, he now spends his time being a DJ and building his business. The former Los Angeles Lakers legend is always active on social media. The Diesel often shares videos and posts on his story for his 32.1 million followers to watch.

Shaq recently shared this hilarious SNL skit about one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. This Colts player can’t seem to keep his way out of the spotlight, even after retiring in 2016.

It’s raining Kids, Shaquille O’Neal brings back this treasure


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Shaq shared a funny video of Peyton Manning on his Instagram story today. This SNL Skit was made in 2007 following the Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl XLI victory where Manning was named MVP. This was Manning’s first ring, and this set his seat among the NFL greats.

The video starts with Manning teaching the kids how to play football. But things soon take a turn for the worse as the 2-time champion starts cussing out the kids and throwing forward passes to their faces. The kids all fall down, being pelleted by the football.

Manning does exceptional acting in the segment and portrays himself as a bad influence on the kids. He teaches the kids how to steal cars by opening the doors with a road, and he forces a child to get a tattoo. He later revealed that they used Nerf footballs so that the kids were not hurt during the segment. Peyton also said that he told the director that he was not comfortable doing the scenes, but right then, a parent of one of the kids asked the director if Manning could throw the football at their kid’s face.

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With everyone forcing him, Manning eventually did the whole skit, and it still remains a treasure to this day. Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions also shared the video yesterday, and people are happy to watch and experience this piece of art again.

Shaq’s forgotten football career

A fact about Shaq that is not widely known is that he used to play football in high school. Shaq played tight end in high school. He then heard John Koncak, an NBA player making $5 million a year in the league, and thought to himself that he could do that, and that made him eventually play basketball.


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It’s safe to say that Shaq made the right choice by shifting to basketball. He had one of the best careers ever and has now amassed a net worth of 400 million dollars. But do you think Shaq could have prospered more if he stayed with football? Do you think the 7’1 giant couldn’t tower over the defense and catch touchdown passes in the NFL?