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Clippers News: Superstars Upset Team Chemistry

Clippers News: Superstars Upset Team Chemistry

Clippers Superstars

Last season, the Los Angeles Clippers were underdogs in every sense of the word but they were fun to watch. They were scrappy, rough around the edges but they enjoyed playing together, and they were even able to take the behemoth Golden State to six games. This season doesn’t have the same energy as the last despite the addition of superstars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Los Angeles Clippers locker room struggles

According to The Athletic, there are multiple teammates “who have struggled with the organisation’s preferential treatment” of its superstars. It’s reasonable to think that adding superstars has made an impact on team chemistry.

For example, when a walk through was cancelled when many players were “eager to work”. It was believed by players that Leonard took the executive decision however Doc denied such clams.

This isn’t unusual behaviour for any team in any major sport. Teams everywhere structure their schedule according to their superstars. The fact, the Clippers superstars have a huge impact and are relatively new to the team it only makes sense.

There are a lot of rumours going around the issues the team are having. Still, the players and organisation have kept their silence about their matter. Montrezl Harrell, however, doesn’t hold back regarding his feelings and team play. After the recent loss to Grizzlies, when asked about the feel in the locker room he replied: “I don’t know brother, I don’t know and maybe that’s the problem right there.”

This clearly shows that there’s more happening inside the locker room that meets the eye. There’s also complains about the team’s lighter approach to practise as well. The players are upset because they always give their all while others aren’t doing the same.

Silver Lining

The only things fans can take solace is that preferential treatment is not on both superstars agenda neither is team politics. These players lead the team with example and always believe in their teammates as is visible with their previous teams. There is only some confusion, who is the team leader or the top-dog of the team.

Whether this apparent lack of trust and team chemistry becomes a real issue that the team has to address remains to be seen.



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