Lebron James Showcases a Masterclass Performance in His First Meeting Against Zion Williamson

By 7 months ago

LeBron James prevailed over his first meeting against Zion Williamson when the Los Angeles Lakers met New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday.

James scored 40 points and took down eight rebounds as the Lakers beat the Pelicans 118-109. Williamson, the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft is considered to be one of the biggest prospects in the history of NBA. Many perceive his career to unfold in a way similar to that of LeBron. When 35-year old LeBron James met a 19-year Zion Williamson on Tuesday, it was the former that had the upper hand.

Although Williamson’s performance was decent in itself, it was overshadowed by James’ excellence. However, James praised the teenage prodigy.

“The kid is special,” James said of Zion after the game. “In today’s game, where it’s a track race, it’s fast-paced, it’s high tempo, it fits his game perfectly. And the way they did play, it fits his game perfectly.”

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Pelicans have more youngsters other than Zion Williamson

The Pelicans have one of the youngest rosters in the league. When they had to trade Anthony Davis in the summer, they gained three first-round draft picks. The likes of Brandon Ingram and Lozo Ball make the future of the Pelicans along with Williamson.

On Tuesday, Ingram scored a team-high 34 points along with seven rebounds and four assists. Ball, meanwhile, had 10 points, eight assists, and eight rebounds.

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