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Should Anthony Davis Have Stayed With New Orleans Pelicans?

Should Anthony Davis Have Stayed With New Orleans Pelicans?

Anthony Davis playing for Los Angeles Lakers

46 games into his Los Angeles Lakers career, Anthony Davis is the team’s highest scorer. He made an immediate impact after coming into the side prior to the 2019/20 NBA season. Davis’s arrival transformed the Lakers into title contenders- something he was brought in for.

Since coming into the side, Davis has formed an enviable partnership with LeBron James, leading the Lakers from the front. Perhaps, the duo was always expected to do what they have been doing. But it was always about the players beyond them.

When a flurry of young players left the Lakers in the Anthony Davis trade deal, many wondered if it was a gamble that could cost the team. 52 games into the season, Davis has proved every bit worth what he cost.

The Lakers are currently sitting on top of the Western Conference. Heading into the All-Star break, their 0.774 record is second only to Milwaukee Bucks in the league. Major credit for their impressive record in the season goes to Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis & LeBron James playing for Los Angeles Lakers
Anthony Davis & LeBron James

For at least a couple of seasons now, the Lakers will be in contention for a Championship and so will be Davis. It all looks good for Davis, who came in with aspirations to win the Championship. But could he have had the advantage, staying with the Pelicans? Did the Lakers and Davis not think about the future for achieving immediate success?

Could Anthony Davis have stayed with New Orleans Pelicans?

Looking at the Lakers side, it is difficult for them to keep performing at the same level for more than a season or two. With LeBron James not getting any younger and no players to look for the future, the team could go into a rebuilding phase after a couple of seasons. Hence, Davis might not have a shot at the title for more than a season or to.

Zion Williamson playing for New Orleans Pelicans
Zion Williamson and Anthony Davis could have formed a great partnership

However, had he stayed with the Pelicans, they could have built a team that could have been in contention for a few years. The Pelicans are a team with good number of young players. And Zion Williamson has been a quality addition that further reduced the average age of the team. Davis could have formed a partnership with Williamson, like the current one with James, around which the Pelicans could have built a strong Championship quality side. A side that could have had a shot at the Championship for more than just a couple of seasons.


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