Lonzo Ball Will Bring Up “Revenge Mode” to Beat the Lakers in Playoffs, Feels LaVar Ball

By 3 months ago

Lonzo Ball and his father LaVar Ball have shown little love towards Los Angeles Lakers since they treaded Lonzo to New Orleans Pelicans as a part of the Anthony Davis deal.

Most recently, LaVar talked about the Lakers during his appearance in the show Undisputed.

Talking about a possible scenario where the Lakers would face the Pelicans in the playoffs, LaVar felt the Pelicans were good enough to beat the current Western Conference leaders.

“The Lakers will lose,” LaVar said explaining how his son would play at a higher level in the playoffs.

“Let me tell you why. you’ve got my son in a different mode. You’ve never seen my son in playoff mode and ain’t never seen him in revenge mode,” he went on to explain.

LaVar discussed a scenario that might not at all come up this season. The Pelicans have to pick their game in the remainder of the regular season for such a scenario to arise. They are currently ninth in the Western Conference with a 0.438 record. Their 28 wins is four less than the eight placed Memphis Grizzlies. If the Pelicans manage to finish at eight and the Lakers remain on top of the Western Conference, the teams will face in the playoffs. However, very few might agree to LaVar Ball’s predictions.

LaVar Ball also has a plan to beat the Los Angeles Lakers

Not only did LaVar predict the result for a possible Lakers vs Pelicans matchup, but he also has a plan for it to be true. He felt that doubling up on LeBron James and Anthony Davis would do the job.

“I could beat the Lakers easy because I’m going to double team him (James) and AD the whole game,” LaVar said as per Lonzo Wire. “I don’t care what Kuzma or anybody else do. They’re going to be so tired. LeBron, he’s going to back it in, he’s stronger. And don’t let him get to shooting those threes, too. It’s a wrap then.”

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