“A Lot of Pressure”: Former NBA Champion Gives Crucial Advice to Clippers on Guarding Luka Doncic

By 3 months ago

The West has produced some quality matchups already. With the upcoming rounds around the corner, the anticipation is getting higher for the season finale. LA Clippers and Dallas Mavericks are locked in for their first-round matchup, and it can’t get any better. The Clippers need to contain Luka Doncic in the next game to progress to the second round. What’s the most effective way to do that? 

The 21-year-old guard has taken the league by storm with his flawless skills. Luka is shattering records with every game that he plays. There seems to be no limit as to what he can achieve on the basketball court. 

Luka’s incredible talents have already made people go crazy in disbelief. Moreover, the comparisons have started coming in, and we just can’t overlook these discussions. On a recent episode of the ‘OM3 Pod w/ JJ Redick & Tommy Alter,’ the hosts decided to balance the scales between James Harden and Luka Doncic. 

2016 NBA champion Kevin Love came in as the guest and was asked to signify how Harden and Doncic are setting new standards for a point guard. “Invest in a step back. It’s so true,” Love said, when Redick was highlighting how Doncic and Harden have similar shot charts. 

Luka’s explosive shooting range has given the Clippers a major problem to deal with. Even without Kristaps Porzingis by his side, the 2019 Rookie of the Year has shown us that he can carry the team on his back. But what should the Clippers do to limit Doncic from unleashing himself? 

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As the Luka conversation kept going on, co-host Tommy Alter asked Love if Kawhi Leonard should lock horns with Doncic in the next couple of games. Love contradicted him, saying he does not look at Kawhi as the ideal defender against Luka.

“It’s a lot of pressure to say ‘all right, go out and guard’ a guy that just did that. But I’m telling you wanna be a difference-maker with Paul George.” 

Love explained his statement by mentioning how he went into an all-defense mode during the 2016 NBA Finals. 

“That’s what he should focus on right now, knowing that he’s going to catch a rhythm. He’s Paul George!” Love exclaimed. “We’ve seen it before. Like it’s going to happen.” Kevin Love further said that he’ll choose PG due to his height advantage. 

Moreover, the 5x All-Star pointed out how Kawhi has been in good form on the offensive end. Thus, not putting too much load on him and transferring the duties to PG would be the way to go, according to Love. What do you think? Kawhi or PG13 as the better matchup for Luka?

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