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“About to F***ing Lose it on Him”: Warriors Star Reveals Issues With Steve Kerr at the Beginning

“About to F***ing Lose it on Him”: Warriors Star Reveals Issues With Steve Kerr at the Beginning

Draymond Green might be an integral part of the Golden State Warriors lineup, but there have been incidents where he was involved in a row with coach Steve Kerr.

In 2016, the two had a physical altercation during a game against Oklahoma City Thunder. Green himself believed the Warriors would trade him after the incident. However, he stayed and won two more Championships with the team.

In a recent appearance on All the Smoke podcast, Green revealed that Kerr had written a letter to him then. A four-page letter that he did not read.

“I was at a point where I’m like, ‘If he says one more thing to do me I’m about to f–king lose it on him.’ He didn’t say a word. He wrote me a four-page letter, bro. To this day, I can’t tell you what the letter said. I read the first f—ing line,” Green said, according to NBC Sports.

“I closed the letter up and threw it away. I said, yo, he knows me. He got me figured out, and he took his time to figure me out.”

He said that he had the letter for a few days but didn’t read it. He eventually threw it away without reading it fully.

“I opened the letter. I read the first line. I just threw it away. I can’t tell you what the rest of it said. But it was just cool, because I’m like, damn, he figured me out, and he knew I was ready to f—ing lose it. He didn’t say a f—ing word. F—ing chess move, bro. He f—ing wrote me a letter. I can’t argue with a letter”.

Draymond Green in a Golden State Warriors jersey
Draymond Green

Steve Kerr and Draymond had a successful Golden State Warriors career

Apart from a few altercations, Green and Kerr had quite a successful career together with the Golden State Warriors. Kerr joined as the coach of the Warriors two years after Green came into the team through the NBA Draft.

Under Kerr, the Warriors have made to the finals five consecutive seasons, winning three of them. In a team with superstars like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, Green’s name might not come up as often as the others. However, he was important in his own right as the NBA Steals leader and the Defensive Player of the Year in 2017.

The Warriors, however, have struggled in the 2019/20 season with the worst record in the NBA.

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