Andre Iguodala Expresses His Love For Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry

October 4, 2020 12:30 am

The Golden State Warriors might be missing out on the Playoffs this season. Although, they do have a former teammate who they are rooting for in the Miami Heat. Returning the favor, Andre Iguodala may play for the Miami Heat now, but he still has immense respect for his Warriors’ mates.

The Heat might be doing sloppy after entering the NBA Finals this season, but they will be remembered as the Lakers contenders for years to come. With the Heat standing in a 2-0 deficit, the Lakers are holding a sword over their head. It is just a matter of time when we’ll see if the Miami Heat recovers from that or not.

Andre Iguodala will never forget where he came from

After five straight entries into the NBA Finals with the Warriors, Andre has returned, but with the Miami Heat this time. However, whatever jersey Andre may be wearing, a part of him will always be a Warrior. Other than that, he will also jump at any opportunity to defend Stephen Curry, even if it’s on social media. Andre till date likes all the Warriors’ posts on for which he has received bashing at times.

Telling ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, Iguodala stated, “I still talk to those guys every day. Like, you’re not allowed to say anything bad about Steph [Curry] around me, or in general. Even on social media, I’m like, ‘S—, I’ve got to stop liking posts from the Warriors or any of the Warriors fan accounts.’

“I play for the Heat. So I’ll be caught in like these little internal battles. But it is part of the journey. So I’m going to just maximize these last however many days of my career I’ve got left, just try and enjoy it.”

Only a while ago he was sitting out for most of the series with the Grizzlies. Until his wish came true and was acquired by the Heat who recognized the veteran’s true potential.

Can the Former Warriors player keep the Miami Heat alive in the remaining series?

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Heat have a tremendous team at their disposal. Unfortunately, their luck seems to have run out and two of their key players are sitting out because of injuries. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost and the Heat might at least fight harder to remain alive.

The Warriors did not even make it to the playoffs this season, also due to key players being injured. With a healthy team in 2021, we can expect them to make a run for the ring. We might even see Miami Heat battling the Warriors in next year’s Finals, a reunion worth watching.

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