NBA Draft 2020: Detroit Pistons Confirm Interest in LaMelo Ball

November 6, 2020 12:05 am

The Detroit Pistons are stuck in a weird position. They are neither close to contending, or even making the playoffs, nor are they too bad to tank. But they seem to have some lofty ambitions for the upcoming draft.

While LaMelo Ball isn’t the clear cut favorite to go number one, there are rumors he’ll be top 3, at the very least. However, the Pistons are now meeting Ball, despite having the #7 overall pick. He has already had a workout with them, but GM Troy Weaver wants to continue talks.

Ball falling to 7th is not completely unbelievable, but he has garnered enough hype to go that low. Since this draft class has been termed weak by some, GMs are more willing to trade down. So GM Weaver is open to trading up to get his man.

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Will LaMelo Ball be a good fit for the Detroit Pistons?

Judging by how his family has been, Ball seems like a kid for a big market like New York. So going to the Pistons seems a bit out of character for him. But surprisingly, his father LaVar Ball recently said that he would like his son to either go to New York or Detroit.

If he goes to the Pistons, he could potentially be their starting point guard, since Derrick Rose came off the bench all year. Since Rose is not a pass-first guard, Ball’s role on the team will be very important since he will already be the best playmaker on the team.

The Pistons might not be able to start a proper rebuild since they still have Blake Griffin’s huge contract on the books. But if they draft Ball, they should aim at building a good foundation, 2022 onwards.

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