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Devin Booker Explains What Went Behind His Game-Winner Against the Clippers

Devin Booker Explains What Went Behind His Game-Winner Against the Clippers

Tonight, the Phoenix Suns stole all the headlines with a huge upset win. The 12th seed Suns beat the second seed LA Clippers as Devin Booker scored a game-winner over Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Booker was the star of the show throughout, scoring 35 points and grabbing eight assists.

Post-game, he talked about his game-winner. He said, “After we got the steal and the ball with 10 seconds to go, I just wanted to make sure I took the last shot, giving them no time on the other end. I knew the double team was coming, so I attacked the opposite way. There’s a lot of length with Kawhi (Leonard). So pump-faked, got him in the air, and (took the) fade away shot.”

Booker was a problem for the Clippers all night, going 13/25. During this performance, he also scored six times from deep, on just nine attempts at a phenomenal 66%. That last fadeaway was something Kobe Bryant would be proud of.

Can Devin Booker help Phoenix achieve the unthinkable?

The Suns came into the bubble with virtually no chance to make the playoffs. But three games later, they stand 3-0 and stand an outside chance to get to the coveted ninth seed. Their first win came against the depleted Washington Wizards. Booker was the star, as usual, scoring 27 points. But since the Wizards are without Bradley Beal, they aren’t strong, and that result went under the radar.

Their next game, they beat the Dallas Mavericks. Despite excellent games from Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, the Suns managed to win thanks to a brilliant showing in the second half. They ended up with a narrow two-point win as Booker starred yet again.

Booker also added that the team wanted to work hard in silence and let their performance on the court make the noise. He said, “Coming into the bubble we said we want to make some noise We want to be the under the radar team That works hard and plays hard That’s what we did tonight.”

If the Suns want to qualify, not only will they have to win their games, but also hope that the teams above them lose. The Trail Blazers beating the Rockets hurt them, but they will be hoping for more positive results in the coming days. They now play the in-form Indiana Pacers next, who are the only other team to be 3-0 currently. The Pacers are led by former Sun TJ Warren, who has been one of the best players in the bubble so far.

Even if the Suns don’t make the playoffs, Booker and his team will leave the bubble as one of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA return.



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Devin Booker Postgame Interview | Suns vs Clippers | August 4, 2020

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