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“Better Passer”: Former Golden State Warriors GM Compares Trae Young to Stephen Curry

“Better Passer”: Former Golden State Warriors GM Compares Trae Young to Stephen Curry

Since Trae Young has come into the NBA in 2018, many have compared him to Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. It was, in fact, the same person who brought in Curry in 2009 who was responsible for bringing Young to Atlanta Hawks two years ago.

Larry Riley, former Warriors General Manager and current advisor to Atlanta Hawks’ GM, spoke about the two players that he brought in to the respective teams. In an appearance on KNBR, Riley felt passing was one area where Young was better than Curry.

“The only thing he had over Steph was he’s probably a little bit better passer,” Riley told Greg Papa and John Lund (H/T NBC Sports). “The rest of it, Steph has the advantage. And Trae is still growing into the role that we’d like to see him take, he’s done very well with it, and we just hope he continues to progress.”

Trae Young has the potential to reach the level of Stephen Curry

Young’s shooting ability has always earned him comparisons to Curry. However, there is still a long way to go for Young to reach the level of Cury. When Curry joined the Warriors in 2009, they were not among the strongest sides in the league. They started building a team around their latest draft acquisition then and slowly began to rise as a team. A few more additions in the subsequent drafts including the likes Klay Thompson and Draymond Green strengthened their side. The Warriors found a new way of winning games building their team around the three-point shooting for Stephen Curry.

Curry is currently a three-time NBA Champion and two-time MVP. His second MVP was the first occasion of a player winning the award unanimously. Six-time NBA All-Star, Curry has also been the scoring champion and steals leader. Young, 21, certainly has the potential to reach the level that Curry is currently on.

After getting into the All-rookie First Team last year, Young has become an NBA All-Star in his sophomore season. He has averaged 29.6 points, 9.3 assists, and 4.3 rebounds this season. His career assists average of 8.6 is a little more than that of Curry. However, Curry’s 6.6 assists came over 699 games while Young is just 141 into his NBA career.


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