“Boycotting Playing the Orlando Magic”: Lakers’ Anthony Davis Makes a Hilarious Remark

October 14, 2020 5:30 pm

Aggressive on the floor, on-point during the post-game interviews, and totally hilarious off the court; these are the qualities that sum up Anthony Davis. The 27-year-old NBA Champion from the Lakers takes his game seriously and his personal life sumptuously. 

AD had a phenomenal 2019-20 season with the Los Angeles Lakers that pretty much redefined his career. The 6’10” forward player became the Robin to LeBron James’ Batman in no time. It’s not clear whether he will stay with the Lakers in the years to come, but what’s clear is that this man’s been having the time of his life. 

Anthony Davis and his raw sense of humor

AD took a brief virtual halt at Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Tuesday, where he said something hysterical. He was asked whether he would like to return to Disney World. To this, he responded by claiming, “Not for at least two years. We even talked about boycotting playing the Orlando Magic for a while.”

After spending close to 100 days inside the bubble away from the outer world, one can expect such a comment. 

One might connect AD’s comment about Orlando Magic with a recent claim that Evan Fournier made. In an interview a couple of days back, the Orlando Magic guard revealed an awful strategy that the Lakers used to overpower their opponents. Perhaps Anthony’s comment was a witty dig at Fournier’s remarks. 

AD and LeBron James are the partners in crime for the Lakers

This is not the first time Anthony Davis has shown his lighthearted side of him to the world. During the Lakers’ time in the bubble, many videos showed how LeBron James would try to ruin AD’s side court interviews by photo bombing. In return, AD would simply laugh on camera, and have fun with it. 

In fact, fellow teammate Quinn Cook became the biggest victim of AD and Bron’s mocking abilities. One of the funniest moments was when Cook shot a two-pointer from the paint, fell down, and went sliding across the floor. The sight was too much for Bron and AD to handle, and they burst into laughter. 

AD and Bron are the leaders of the team in every way possible. They enjoy the little moments but also play aggressively on the court. No wonder this duo is the world’s favorite today!

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