“Just Be Yourself”: Nets Interim Head Coach on Leading Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for Next Season

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Since the Brooklyn Nets had to let go of head coach Kenny Atkinson, the team may not be the same. However, the former assistant coach and current interim head coach, Jacque Vaughn, continues to create that bond with his players from this new position of power. Recently, Vaughn revealed his plans for the Nets’ future and how Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will play a major role in it.

How Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will affect the Nets’ head coach’s future

Jacque Vaughn had a good run in the NBA for the 12 seasons that he played in the league. After his career as a professional basketball player, Vaughn went into coaching. He became the lead assistant coach for the Brooklyn Nets in 2016. Now, with Atkinson gone, Vaughn is the most preferred candidate as the permanent head coach.

However, making this decision successful for the future will require special support from two people, the stars of the franchise: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

According to the New York Post, in a Zoom session, Jacque Vaughn talked about standing behind his coaching techniques and how he is trying to foster a bond with the stars.

Vaughn, who has to be with the team in Orlando, said that he will be himself and not over-complicate things. Since this is Vaughn’s first stint as head coach, things might get difficult. However, he seems ready to take it on. He said,

“I’m going to be me, and I think that’s the best thing. Just be yourself: Do simple better. I’m not going to overcomplicate this thing.”

Talking about how he plans to develop a bond with everyone on the roster, Vaughn said,

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“My approach is the same every day: I try to be as consistent as possible. Anxiety can be extremely contagious, but so can calm, and so my relationship with guys, I’ll lean on that. Nothing for me to prove. I’ve grown as a coach, love the challenge of coaching, and want the challenge of coaching going forward here.”

The intensity of Vaughn’s relationship with the franchise stars Irving and KD is yet to reach the level he would like. However, he is working on it.

“My conversations with those guys (Irving and Durant) are generally based around me checking in to see how they’re doing,” Vaughn said.

“Some of those conversations lead into basketball, some of those conversations lead into life conversations, some of those conversations might lead into, ‘I have a podcast for you to listen to.’ So it ranges. For me, it’s more of the connection knowing that I’m thinking about them.”

Kyrie and Vaughn got half a season to work on their bond. Atkinson left around March, just a few days before the season was suspended. Since Durant didn’t play this season due to his injury, he may not have spent so much time with him.

However, conversations about basketball and life and podcasts seems like a good start towards creating that bond. Let’s see if this contributes in finalizing Vaughn for the position of head coach.

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