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Brooklyn Nets Coach Steve Nash Reveals What Really ‘Excites’ Him to Coach Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets Coach Steve Nash Reveals What Really ‘Excites’ Him to Coach Kyrie Irving

The story of Brooklyn Nets’ head coach Steve Nash (46) and point guard Kyrie Irving (28) is quite an interesting one. They first played against one another in the 2011-12 season and are now representing the same organization.

Fans remember Steve Nash as a star player for his athleticism and an in-depth understanding of the game. His court vision was precise, and the passes were almost unmatched. Kyrie Irving, whose basketball IQ has been praised in the league, is also quite similar. His superior ball passing makes him a great point guard. 

The Brooklyn Nets coach has showed high regard for Kyrie

Recently, the newly appointed head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, Steve Nash, spoke in detail about both Kevin Durant and Ky. On Kyrie, he said: 

“First of all, it’s a thrill for me to get to coach Kyrie. He’s incredible skill level, like off the charts his skills as a player is perhaps we’ve ever seen, so that excites me first of all someone who built his career on skills and creativity. To be able to coach someone who has same skills and elevating those skills is incredible. So I think having those common experiences playing the position, playing in the best league in the world, and the responsibility that comes with that gives us such a commonality. I’m thrilled to be his coach, but I’m also thrilled to get to know him even better.” 

Nash then described how the Kyrazzle-Dazzle has a heart of gold. The star coach said:

“We have a good relationship. To get to know him more and more, he’s the guy who has been so generous with his time and resources. He donated $1.5 million in WNBA. Women who were affected by the bubble can go among all sorts of other charitable endeavors during covid and even pre-covid. So he is a guy that is incredibly deep and big passion for helping others. And so coach him on the floor and also connect with him in all these passions off the floor as well.”

Kyrie Irving
NBA player Kyrie Irving attends the Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 event at Avenue on July 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

A classy point guard with a great skillset

Steve Nash is a fan of Kyrie’s on-court skills. The one-time NBA Champion, Ky, is great at ball-handling. He also keeps his balance strong while making quick moves inside the paint. He has stupendous passing skills while dribbling the ball and knows by instinct where to find an open man.

Coach Nash is presently analyzing old tapes of Kyrie’s plays. He recently shared one such clip on his Twitter account to praise the young man. His association with the star guard goes long back, and the respect is mutual. 

It will be amazing to see how Kyrie further develops his game around somebody who is very similar to him.

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