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“Thinnest-Skinned Superstars”: Analyst Takes a Dig at Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving While Addressing Gregg Popovich Rumors

“Thinnest-Skinned Superstars”: Analyst Takes a Dig at Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving While Addressing Gregg Popovich Rumors

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Reacting to the latest rumor of Gregg Popovich moving to coach the Brooklyn Nets, NBA analyst Skip Bayless believed it wouldn’t suit the team. Bayless felt that the two superstars on the Nets roster- Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving– wouldn’t suit to Popovich’s coaching style.

“Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would last about 2 weeks with Gregg Popovich. Especially at this stage and age of their careers. These are two of the thinnest-skinned superstars that ever came down the pipe,” Bayless said on The Undisputed.

Popovich did, however, go on to praise the two stars. “They are also two of the most talented players we have ever seen in this league.” But he didn’t feel they would welcome Popovich as their coach. After The Undisputed released the Bayless’ video clip on Twitter, however, he reiterated his words in a tweet.

Popovich would be the worst-case scenario for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, feels Bayless

“They love each other. They are besties. And you’re going to have to convince both of them — and Gregg Popovich is absolutely their worst-case scenario, and possibly their worst nightmare,” Bayless continued on the show.

Irrespective of whether Durant and Irving would accept Popovich as their coach, the rumor that it is a possibility comes as surprising. While the move for Popovich, at 71, might be the best shot at another NBA title, it seems highly unlikely, considering his career.

One of only five coaches to have won five NBA titles, Popovich is undoubtedly among the best in the NBA. But the fact that he has been coaching San Antonio Spurs for the last 24 years makes one wonder if he would want a change at the age of  71. Popovich has led the Spurs to all of their five titles.

The Nets had fired their head coach Kenny Atkinson prior to the league’s suspension, and their assistant coach has filled in as the assistant head coach. The Nets might currently be looking for a coach, but Popovich doesn’t seem to be moving. At least the words of their General Manager Sean Marks hint in that direction.

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