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“Can’t Ask for Two Better Guys”: Warriors Star Reveals the Importance of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in Team’s Success

“Can’t Ask for Two Better Guys”: Warriors Star Reveals the Importance of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in Team’s Success

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green enjoys playing alongside the splash brothers- Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Not just because they are skillful, but because they put the team ahead of self.

“It’s extremely dope,” Green said on ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby. “A, they’ve been a huge part of changing the game of basketball as a whole. But then when you play with two guys like Steph and Klay … their selflessness, that’s important in building a championship team. It’s never all about them.

Green has played alongside the Splash bothers for eight years now. All three are players who have come into the Warriors’ side via the NBA Draft. Green joined the Warriors in 2012- three years after Curry came in and a year after Thompson’s arrival. All three have been an integral part of the Warriors’ success over the last few years.

“For me, as a facilitator, I can’t ask for two better guys to play with,” Green said. “Delivering the ball, trying to put the ball on time, on target, but always knowing that if you put the ball in the right place, they can get a shot off.

“Seeing the eruptions that they can go on, it’s always fun to play with those guys and the way they can just wreck a defense. They’ll have two or three guys chasing them, and it’s always fun seeing the guys turning to each other and start bickering because they done messed up the defensive assignment.” 

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green will hope to make a comeback next season with the Warriors

Together, Green, Curry, and Thompson have won three titles with the Warriors. Having reached to the finals in each of the last five seasons, the Warriors were the first team to be eliminated from the 2019/20 season. Curry, Thompson, and Green didn’t play together at all this season, which was one of the reasons for the team’s failure. While Thompson was out for the season with an injury, Curry remained out of action for a significant part of the season. Green himself was in and out of the team due to injuries.

With the Warriors expected to come back to full fitness next season, they will be hoping to make a strong comeback and start competing for the title once again.

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