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Former NBA Player Hits Out at Fans of Michael Jordan After Receiving Bizarre Hate Comments

Former NBA Player Hits Out at Fans of Michael Jordan After Receiving Bizarre Hate Comments

If you are a basketball fan or a player, no matter who you are, you have got to respect Michael Jordan. One might dislike his personality, but the achievements he has earned through his incredible career is phenomenal. MJ has fans in every corner of the world. But, at times, they to cross the line trying to defend their superhero. 

That is exactly what Channing Frye experienced recently. The former NBA champion recently took a dig at Michael Jordan and it didn’t end well. If you criticize MJ, you should know his fans are going to step-up to defend their GOAT. But, this time, some of Jordan’s fans crossed several boundaries in an attempt to give it back to Frye.

The 37-year-old took to Twitter to address MJ’s fans after he felt the hate was too much. “Twitter, sending me crazy DMs about my dead parents over a Jordan take comes from a different place of hate outside of sports,” Frye wrote.

To respond to all the fans who picked on Frye’s parents, it is disappointing to see acts like such being committed. It is one thing to agree or disagree with a person’s views. But to insult one’s family in the name of expressing an opinion is in no way acceptable. Acts like these need to stop for it doesn’t do any good to the society. 

What comments did Channing Frye make about Michael Jordan?

Frye, a former teammate of LeBron James, obviously holds him in high regard. Frye won his only NBA championship playing alongside James for the Cleveland Cavaliers. As he edges towards the three-time champion in the “GOAT” debate, Frye ridiculed MJ for his tough-guy persona on the court. 

He appeared on the Talkin’ Blazers podcast, where openly spoke about the six-time champion. “He only had really one job. And that was to just score. And he did that at an amazing, amazing rate,” Frye stated. Though this is a point in MJ’s favor, it is provoking to say that MJ only had one job. Also, the comments he made further took a direct dig at the Jumpman.

“I don’t feel like his way of winning then would translate to what it is now. Guys wouldn’t want to play with him. Right?” Frye called his way of winning different from what it is now. After making these comments, Frye also used his Twitter handle to respond to the hate he had been receiving.


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