“City of New Giannis”: Long Time Knicks Fans Details How the Organization Should Approach the Greek Freak

November 21, 2020 3:45 pm

The NBA free agency has begun, and fans have already seen some incredible signings around the league. However, the New York Knicks are still looking for a star player to join their roster.

For the past few seasons, many terrific players have been linked to them. But unfortunately, none of those rumors have come true. Now, the Knicks are linked with another superstar player in Giannis Antetokounmpo, when he becomes a free agent.

Renowned NBA analyst Shannon Sharpe discussed this rumors on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast with J. B. Smoove. Smoove said:

We are not gonna get that big time player. I wish, I wish, I wish we would get the Greek Freak to come on down from Milwaukee, man… I was like y’ll gotta go for the dude but I’m sorry we got some good players. The young players. But we need to entice people to come to the Knicks. This is one of the biggest market teams in the country… If Giannis come over here, they didn’t do a campaign, I said, ‘Man look, let me be the damn publicist in the commercial all its man and we promoting bringing him to the Knicks. Maybe he comes to the Knicks that’d be awesome.’… We are advocating that the city of New York changes the city of New York to city of New Giannis.”

As Smoove pointed out, to lure the superstar talents, the team must have excellent pieces to surround the said star. After the 2020 NBA draft, New York has a talented young core. If they develop these youngsters into solid pieces, then the team would definitely have a shot at convincing a star like Giannis in the next free agency.

What’s next for the New York Knicks?

With the 2020-21 NBA season beginning soon, the franchise still has some time to make amends to their roster. In the 2020 NBA Draft, they selected Obi Toppin with their 8th overall pick, and he has the potential to become a solid player in the future.

If the team wants to end their poor stint in the league, they need to sign a star player in the ongoing free agency. Many rumors suggested that they are targeting 1-time NBA champion Fred VanVleet to handle the facilitating duties for the team. Moreover, the team recently cleared some cap space, which is a good sign for Knicks fans.

Can they finally convince a star player to join their corner? With time, the situation will become clearer. What are your views on the Giannis to Knicks trade rumors?

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