Lebron James NBA Rookie Card Trumps Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s Collectibles as it Crosses $1 Million Mark

July 4, 2020 7:23 pm

The passion for owning collectibles is nothing new. These souvenirs sure demand a fortune to go sit in your closet. But every penny seems worthy when you give your heart and soul to the lively story behind that lifeless object. In the news is LeBron James’ 2003-04 Topps Cavs Rookie Card, with its extraterrestrial bidding amount.

It is obvious for The Akron Hammer’s fans to go gaga about this. This is not the only rookie card that is up for auction, but this surely is the most in-demand. Apart from this offering, there are other timeless souvenirs on display as well.

Premium products on auction, including LeBron James’ signed Ball

Pay heed to the following list of items. They have a 1996-97 Kobe Bryant Rookie Card, Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/LeBron James’ triple signed Basketball, Kobe Bryant’s Rookie year Golden jersey and shorts, Mamba’s used and signed Nike Zoom VII sneakers, and so much more. From the scorer’s report card to signed casts, a lot is on offer. 

What makes the LeBron James’ Rookie Card simply outstanding?

According to Goldin Auctions, the card includes several features that make it worth all the hype. To begin with, it has got a logo patch detached straight from LeBron’s Rookie year jersey. This can easily be the end of the story for at least thousands out there who are willing to use their hard-earned money for this rare collectible. But it has also got a LeBron James signature as well as is graded Mint 9 by PSA. If you do not know, this grade signifies that the card is in excellent condition. Leaving a few stains here or there, it is among the best LeBron collectibles one can own today.

What is the current bid, and does it have a competitor in terms of bidding figures?

As per TMZ Sports, the rookie card has surpassed the USD 1 Million benchmark. Not just this, sources believe the bidding can go as high as USD 2 Million given LeBron’s current form and his larger-than-life image off the court. 

The following fact will prove its invincible power. While the LeBron card opened the bid at as high as $150K, other biddings seem dwarf sized. Take an example, the year 2000 Kobe Bryant LA Lakers Championship Ring (14K 40 Diamonds) is standing at a current bid of as low as $122K. It is touted to go as high as $250K+ but it is still four times lesser than the LeBron card.

Even MJ’s collectibles never broke the $1M point. We are not suggesting that this proves LeBron is any better than other legends. All we are saying is that this product on sale is garnering huge interest from all over the world. If you see a group of Basketball enthusiasts in your buddies, the bidding is closing on July 18th. So this is the right time to pool in some money and get the purchase of your life. Click here to bet your bid.

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