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“Damn, My Bad, Coach”: Golden State Warriors Coach Reveals a Typical Stephen Curry – Klay Thompson Story

“Damn, My Bad, Coach”: Golden State Warriors Coach Reveals a Typical Stephen Curry – Klay Thompson Story

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson of Golden State Warriors

The partnership between Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson has been a fruitful one for the Golden State Warriors over the years. The Warriors’ game around their three-point shooting has set up a gameplan that many teams would later follow.

Their shooting also earned them a nickname of “Splash Brothers.” Their coach Steve Kerr, who was also influential in building the Warriors gameplay around then, shared a typical Splash Brothers story.

Steve Kerr shared a typical story involving Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

Talking on KNBR’s Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks podcast, Kerr recalled a game they played against Chicago Bulls. With not a lot of time left in the game, Kerr recalled, the Warriors were a few points ahead in the game. Kerr was then surprised to see Thompson attempt a three-pointer in spite of having good amount of time on the shot clock.

“Steph makes a steal in the frontcourt, so we’ve got a new (shot) clock,” Kerr recalled (H/T NBC Sports). “I think (we’re) up eight or nine, something like that, and he throws it to Klay in the corner — 22 seconds on the shot clock — and Klay shoots and misses. … The ball goes out of bounds, the Bulls take a timeout or something. I go over to Steph, I go, ‘Steph, what was Klay thinking on that shot?’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I know, coach. He really should’ve pulled that ball back out.’

While this may in itself seem a Splash Brothers story, it is more inclined towards Thompson. Kerr had more to add to it that made it a typical Splash Brother story.

“I didn’t want to get on Klay or anything, so I get on the plane, I watch the tape. As soon as Steph threw him the ball, both of Steph’s arms went in the air like, ‘This is in!’ … So I called Steph back on the plane. I’m like, ‘Remember when we had this conversation? Look at yourself!’ He goes, ‘Damn, my bad, coach.’ “

The Splash Brothers couldn’t make an influence on the Warriors’ 2019/20 season after playing in five consecutive finals. While Thompson’s injury in the 2019 finals meant he was out for the subsequent season, Curry picked up an injury early into the season. The Warriors had a dismal season and were the first one to get eliminated.

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