“Doc Rivers Should’ve Had His Team Under Control”: Lakers Fan Snoop Dogg Takes a Massive Dig at Clippers

By 2 months ago

Every Lakers fan is sleeping soundly right now. After a decade long hustle, they have finally won their 17th NBA Championship title. However, there is still one team for whom the criticism just doesn’t seem to end, and that’s the Clippers.

Once upon a time, the Los Angeles Clippers were title favorites entering this season’s Playoffs. But their story did not receive the happy ending everyone believed it would.

Facing the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, history repeated itself as the Clippers let yet another 3-1 lead slip away.

Nobody expected this horrid outcome for the Clippers. While we all thought that once the Champions are crowned, this nightmare would finally come to an end for the Clippers.

But that’s far from the truth, and this time a celebrity fan joins in to nuke the noisy neighbors.

Snoop Dogg attacks the Clippers

On Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless connected with Snoop Dogg to talk about all things NBA. However, when Skip took this opportunity to praise the Clippers, Snoop wasn’t having any of it.

He made gestures of choking himself and said, “Slap ’em in the back they chokin’! That’s what the Clippers do every year. I been in LA my whole life and they ain’t won nothing’!

“Never even went to the Western Conference Finals. They had Lob City when we was sorry and still couldn’t go.”

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Snoop is clearly a die-hard Lakers fan, and when Bayless accused Lakers of steering clear of the Clippers, he jumped to their rescue.

“Skip, we did not avoid the Clippers! They were in the same Bubble, but they didn’t handle they business! Lemon Pepper Lou shouldn’t have got them wings and Doc Rivers should’ve had his team under control,” asserted Snoop.

However, while making a comparison between LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard, he accepted that Kawhi is a marvelous player.

“Kawhi Leonard is a great basketball player, but to me, he’s not a great leader. He leads with his play, but not vocally. LeBron James is strong enough to lead with his play, vocally, and as a GM. That’s why he’s better.”

With Doc Rivers gone and the Clippers heading towards a rebuild, do you think they will have a shot at making things right again?

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