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NBA News: Donovan Mitchell Tests Positive for Coronavirus.

NBA News: Donovan Mitchell Tests Positive for Coronavirus.

The NBA announced on Wednesday night that all games will be suspended after Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus. Hours later, another Jazz player Donovan Mitchell also tested positive for the same.

Gobert, was not present in the arena before the game when his test results were reported. As soon as the results came, players were quarantined in their locker rooms and the game was suspended.

The Jazz organisation released a statement regarding the situation. Gobert tested negative for influenza, infection and strep throat. To be on the safer side they conducted a test for COVID-19 and it yielded a positive result.

Players and team staff were required to undergo a mandatory test for the coronavirus. Jazz players privately are saying that Gobert has been careless in the locker room touching other players and their belongings.

This is in line with his attitude a few days ago at a press conference. He deliberately touched all the mics in the press briefing. This action was apparently to show the public that Coronavirus isn’t that big of a deal.

His attitude seems to have backfired on him as not only was he tested positive but one of his teammates too was tested positive. He actions and attitude might be one the reason s to why Donovan Mitchell was tested positive. On the Bright side, out of  58 Jazz players and personnel only Mitchell tested positive. All the Remaining tests came back negative.

Lets hope, Rudy Gobert learns his lesson from this situation and corrects himself in the future.

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