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NBA Drafts 2020: New York Knicks Have a Secret Weapon to End Their Woes

NBA Drafts 2020: New York Knicks Have a Secret Weapon to End Their Woes


New York Knicks stand very low at No.12 in the Eastern Conference 2019-20 rankings. Nevertheless, this is a jump of three ranks, when compared to their show in 2018-19. We know of their miserable field goals, a lackluster accuracy of 52.9%. If they are to fare any better in the upcoming season, they desperately need an attacking player.

Comes into the picture a potential secret weapon, Killian Hayes. A French Basketball player, the young gun has an all-round game. His pull-up jumps are so lethal that it gets very tough for a defender to block him with that speed. A team player, Killian uses his license to kill by assisting whenever feasible. The Frenchman averaged 6.2 assists pg playing for ratiopharm ulm in Basketball Bundesliga. 

Agent of Killian Hayes shows the green signal for the New York Knicks

In a 35-minute long virtual interview, Mr. Yann Balikouzou, the agent of the 18-year-old prodigy, let out some leads. He rebutted that his client will see Cleveland Cavaliers, stating that the Cavs are not interested in the 6’5” tall fresh talent. Cavs have a worse record than the NY Knicks, and hence hold greater odds to gain the lottery pick. He also let out that the Knicks have already interviewed Killian and have shown interest in him. 

Why does Killion interest the Knicks so much?

Frank Ntilikina, another Frenchman, is currently facing trouble with his outside shooting. Thus, he will not shy away from accepting a helping hand from a fellow countryman. Moreso, Dennis Smith Jr. is having a real hard time this season. He had his back injury to deal with and is shooting at an all-time personal low of 54.5% around the rim. He was nearly traded and his position still looks dwindling. Looking at the scenario, it seems inevitable that the Knicks will let go of a talented Killian. 

The lefty single-handed pass makes his mid-range/floater game ever so strong. However, work needs to be done on his right hand controlling and off-ball defense. So yes, there are a few weaknesses in his NBA 2020 prospect. Worthy of note, the Washington Wizards also have a keen eye on Killian Hayes, who compares with the likes of Goran Dragic and James Harden. The defense penetration gives this young man an extra edge, and it is only time that will tell where his successful feet will move. 

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Where do you think this creative passer must move? 

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