Former Brooklyn Nets Player Urges Team to Make This Critical Signing – ‘That Would Be a Great Fit’

November 27, 2020 10:41 pm

Jamal Crawford has played in the NBA for 20 years now. The 40-year-old guard is still an available free agent in this off-season. Any team willing to add veteran experience and a quality guard, Crawford might be the answer.

The Brooklyn Nets had signed the 3-time sixth man of the year last year before the NBA restart. He played only six minutes and scored five points before suffering from a hamstring injury to his left leg.

While Crawford did not play another game for the team, Nets legend Kenny Anderson believes that JC would be a good fit for the Nets. According to NBA insider Scoop B, Anderson said, “That would be a great fit. That would be awesome if we could get him for a year.” 

How will the Brooklyn Nets benefit from Jamal Crawford?

The Brooklyn Nets do not have a dearth of experienced players. They have multiple players who have playoff experience. Why would they need Crawford?

With such a compact season ahead, it is going to be a big test for all the teams. Crawford might not be the scorer he was, but can a very crucial piece coming off the bench.

Both Kyrie and Durant are coming off layoffs from injuries. The team would be eager to deepen the roster to give them much needed rest. Crawford can be the answer to the same.

The three time sixth man of the year recently also revealed the impact of his short stint with the Nets. Even though he played for six minutes, he still looked like an attacking threat.

A veteran like Crawford can play a similar role that Jared Dudley played for the Lakers. They may not have an impressive stat line to back their impact. Their impact is from the bench.

Dudley was one of the most vocal players in the Lakers’ camp, and was important in rallying the players in the bubble. With the next season also being played without fans, Crawford can play a similar role for the Nets.

In Crawford, the Nets will get a 20-year old veteran who won’t demand minutes. He will also be pivotal in running the offense in the absence of the starters. For the Brooklyn Nets, signing Crawford should be a no-brainer.

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