Former Warriors’ Teammates Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry Engage in Funny Banter During ‘The Match’

November 28, 2020 9:00 am

The NBA off-season 2020 was cut short, down to just over 2 months, which is almost half of the conventional window. The economical decision would help the league find a new champion before the Tokyo Olympics.

But this should not stop players from having a ball in their life. At least Warriors’ Stephen Curry knows how to use his time efficiently.

Recently, he sported a zebra-print tee as he teamed up with a two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning. They were competing in The Match: Champions for Change against power-duo of 44-time PGA TOUR winner Phil Mickelson and NBA phenom Charles Barkley. That’s when Steph’s fashion choice caught some eyes. 

Former Warriors player teased Stephen Curry for his fashion statement

Just as an excited Steph was driving his Golf cart at the Stone Canyon Golf Club in the Oro Valley, Arizona, he got a hilarious call. It was from none other than Andre Iguodala himself. Andre now plays for the Miami Heat but still holds a close relationship with former teammate Steph.

He took a dig at Steph as he exclaimed, “It’s a nice shirt you got on, I wanna know: How many zebras had to die for you to look fly?”

Now, that rhyming forced the 3-time NBA Champion to collapse while laughing really hard. Still, he came back with a befitting response, saying, “One too many, ‘Dre. You know, I pulled this thing off. … I pulled it off. I learned from the best, you know?”

He parked his vehicle and headed for the play, leaving the fans with a feel-good back-and-forth between two greats.

What’s ahead for the two NBA champs?

Building on last season, Warriors’ Steph is coming back from an injury and has had ample rest. He will step on to the court without Klay Thompson by his side but will have help from Draymond Green and recruit Kelly Oubre Jr. 

On the other hand, a 36-YO Dre played the NBA Finals with the Heat and averaged 3.8 points in his 21 post-season games. Although this was his worst performance by far in his career, the Miami Heat will continue with his services in the coming season. He’ll have a player option to use in 2021-22.

It can be assumed that the players will never play for the same team again. But antics and team rivalry aside, Andre also has predicted a great season ahead for Steph.

Do you think both these stars will again shine the same glory in the upcoming season? Help us know in the comments.

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