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Former NBA Player Makes A Public Apology After Bashing Kevin Durant Over A False Statement

Former NBA Player Makes A Public Apology After Bashing Kevin Durant Over A False Statement

Recently on ESPN’s ‘KJZ’, Jay Williams, Keyshawn Johnson, and Zubin Mehenti discussed the fate of the Brooklyn Nets in the coming season. They interpreted whether the season will be a championship or a bust for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Steve Nash. During that, Jay Williams quoted something from social media that turned out to be a hoax.

The discussion revolved around a question that everyone is curious to know an answer to. While the Brooklyn Nets have a roster filled with incredible players, there are some issues. First of all, they have Steve Nash making his debut as head coach with them. Since he hasn’t done this before, the questions keep arising whether he is equipped to handle such a star-studded team?

Second, Kevin Durant hasn’t played an entire season because of an Achilles’ injury. This is where Jay Williams stepped in and talked about how it isn’t easy for a player to play after such an injury. However, his primary concern was Kevin Durant’s trash-talking, and this is where the fake quote came into play.

Jay Williams believed the quotes came from Kevin Durant

An account on Twitter posted, “People try to discredit my rings, but honestly, I feel like they’re the most valuable of our era. People argue [LeBron James] is the GOAT, but if I beat him in back-to-back finals, then what does that make me?”. This quote insinuated that it came from Kevin Durant, but it didn’t.

In reference to this quote, Williams said that he is worried about Kevin Durant making baseless claims. And said that championship or bust, the Nets are most likely to indulge in just trash talking. However, after it was revealed that the quotes were a hoax, Williams made a public apology through his Twitter account.

He stated, I got poor information this morning relating to a statement that was thought to come from @KDTrey5. It was a fake tweet by a kid, and it wasn’t true. I apologize & own this mistake. I have to be better and will be.”

Well, now that Williams has apologized, does it mean his viewpoint has changed? So, will it be a championship or bust season for the Brooklyn Nets?

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