Giannis Antetokounmpo Reveals His Favourite Rookie for This Season

March 27, 2020 1:54 pm

Giannis Antetokounmpo in his recent Instagram live shed light about some of his favorite things in life. He told fans about his choice players, NFL team, rookie, and much more.

Giannis was asked about his favorite rookie in the NBA, to which Bucks star replied with Ja Morant. Ja, who is also a favourite for ‘Rookie of the Year‘ is the obvious choice for Giannis. At 17.7 points, 7.0 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game on 49.2 percent shooting, the guard has proved lethal for Grizzlies.  Another option for Giannis was obviously Zion Williamson.

Zion has played fewer games than Ja because of his injury early in the season. But all who have watched Pelicans’ star playing can confirm that he is definitely a generational talent. With his skills, athleticism and playing style, it would not be a surprise if Zion would take New Orleans’ to another level.

Giannis Antetokounmpo favorite NFL Team and Rappers

Giannis was also asked about his favorite NFL team. To which everyone’s surprise, the 1 time MVP replied with Pittsburgh Steelers name. NFL stars have always been the fan of Giannis, especially former Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell. Bell once called Giannis a ‘cheat code’ on one of his plays.


When asked about his favorite rappers. Antetokounmpo replied with the trio of Tupac, Kendrick Lamar and J-Cole. All in all, it’s a pretty solid lineup from Milwaukee Bucks star. Not to forget, but J-Cole also considers Giannis as best on the court. He posted Giannis’ family photo on Twitter during his promotion of new song ‘Middle Child.’

J-Cole also invited Bucks players to attend Cole’s Summerfest show. Later in Atlanta, Cole also invited Malcolm Brogdon, Giannis Antetokounmpo and others to hang out in his studio.



Before the NBA suspension, Giannis was shooting at an astonishing 29.6 points per game, and rebounding at 13.7 per game. While players were shooting at 9.7% worse against Giannis than they would normally expect to based on where they shot from. Giannis was having a hell of a season and was sailing towards his second consecutive MVP before league suspension.

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