After Calling Out Kendrick Perkins, NBA Analyst Now Labels Warriors Star as Lebron James’ PR Guy

July 1, 2020 10:53 pm

With the season about to resume, there is a lot of speculation about the games in the NBA community. Not just the fans, but even the league players seem to want in on the job of figuring out who has the best chances of victory in the Orlando bubble. And not surprisingly, LeBron James’ Lakers are favorites.

Recently, Draymond Green revealed why he felt the Los Angeles Lakers had the highest winning chances. However, he faced backlash over his statement from none other than Skip Bayless.

LeBron James has a new PR guy- again?

Sports columnist and host of the show ‘Undisputed’, Skip Bayless, seems to be after LeBron James and anyone who is in his favor. Even though he won’t say anything to James, Skip has been on a naming-and-shaming spree, targeting anyone who says anything positive about him.



Not so long ago, Bayless attacked Kendrick Perkins over the same. Bayless took the incident on air through his show and had a short Twitter war with Perkins. It all started with Perkins tweeting about LeBron being the most athletic player in NBA history, and Bayless calling him LeBron’s new PR guy. But more importantly, it ended with Perkins calling Bayless an old man. So there’s that.

Now, Bayless is back again with the same argument. However, this time, he is after Golden State Warriors’ star, Draymond Green.



Recently, Draymond Green revealed that he believed the Los Angeles Lakers had a real good chance at winning this season, which is soon to resume. Green felt so because the Lakers had a star: LeBron James. And to justify his statement, the GSW power forward explained that it was because of LeBron James’ discipline that the Lakers had such an advantage going into the bubble.

However, Skip Bayless seems to be against this LeBron boosting attitude once again. On a recent episode of ‘Undisputed’, Bayless said,

“Draymond called LeBron the ‘B’ word. Next thing I know, he’s business partners with LeBron and signed to Klutch Sports! Now it sounds like Draymond is LeBron’s PR Director!”

Standing by his previous comment on Kendrick Perkins, Bayless also said,

“The PR director is Kendrick, assisted by Draymond.”



Bayless’ reason to be surprised seems legitimate because Green did, in fact, have a physical feud with James a few years ago. However, maybe it shouldn’t matter if his respect and support is genuine.

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