Former NBA Player Takes a Dig at Stephen Curry, Refuses to Acknowledge Him as Point Guard

May 1, 2020 12:53 am

Stephen Curry, without doubt is among the finest players of this generation. The first unanimous MVP of the league, he has changed the way this game is played by leaps and bounds. The Golden State Warriors dynasty will go down as among the strongest teams to have graced the sport, along with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and Kobe-Shaq’s Los Angeles Lakers. Yet Stephen Curry is often trolled on social media by people belonging to the NBA fraternity.

A couple of weeks back, LeBron James’ former business manager went on a podcast to say Curry lacked any defense game. He went on to say that Curry would even have difficulty guarding him, despite him having not touched a basketball since quite a while now. And now Kendrick Perkins, a long time Curry troller has joined in the category as well. He went on to Twitter to give his Top 5 Point Guard of all time and surprisingly Stephen Curry didn’t make the list. His top 5 were Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, John Stockton, Chris Paul and Gary Payton.

Kendrick Perkins Explains Why Stephen Curry Didn’t Make the List

Point Guard is Curry’s position for quite a while now. Kendrick Perkins is known for his unecessary digs at Stephen Curry. The two had a pretty ugly on court incident in 2018 when Perkins refused to move his leg and Curry almost tripped while taking a three pointer. Hence when he gave out the list, he recieved some hate from Curry and Warriors fans. To which he every replied:
“Steph Curry is not a true PG!!! He’s what we call a HYBRID!!! Change the game and he will be a top 20 player of All-Time.”

Kendrick Perkins has a history of trying to troll Curry online through some form or another. Another one such incident occured when he decided to emphasis that Kevin Durant was his finals MVP. He later ended up blocking this fan account. Too salty? 

Recently, in one of the podcasts, Stephen Curry was quized over the internet trolls that try to bash his name. His response was very subtle and clean: “You look stupid”. And well rightly so. What he has achieved with the Golden State Warriors is unprecendented. Along with the Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, he has established his name in the record books for good. Does he still the need the Perkins’ validation? Lets see if Curry has a reply to this. 

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