Warriors’ Hall of Famer Explains Why Klay Thompson’s Absence will Bite the League

November 26, 2020 8:57 am

When 8-time All-star Yao Ming, sick of his foot injuries, called it quits in 2011, it was a blow not just for the Rockets but for the entire league. This was a loss for all because fans want to see stars competing; it doesn’t matter if they’re from their favorite team or not. This was one reason why many did not find the 2019-20 season interesting as it lacked Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (Nets), Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Warriors), and Zion Williamson (Pelicans) among others.

Now, after a long halt when every such player is ready to make a comeback, Klay has injured himself again. The news of his torn Achilles came as a bomber for every basketball lover. He was all set to return after an 18-month long break from the NBA, but that wait just got longer after the Warriors ruled him out of the entire regular-season.

What does this mean for the league?

A former Warriors legend, Chris Mullin, who played for 13 seasons in GSW averaging 20.1 points at 51.3% FG, gave an interview to share his views. He revealed how it was tough to watch Klay’s game 6 knee injury while being at the courtside. 

The Hall of Famer expressed, “His playing speaks for itself, he has done a lot of things that no one has ever done in the game. I was at that game when he scored 37 in a quarter, I was just amazed. He got 60 points in three quarters and he dribbled the ball 11 times. And the humblest kid you’ll ever meet. He’ll have his 60-point game and skateboard home, which is [indiscernible]. Loves to play obviously comes from, Mychal Thompson from Lakers and Trail Blazers.” 

It is only obvious that the league will miss this megastar. Klay is widely considered as one of the best shooting guards in the league. He can easily average 25+ while also contributing heavily at the defensive end. Mullin hence added, “Everyone loves Klay, lot of people wanna beat Klay. He’s one of those beloved guys not only with his teammates but throughout the league, people just respect him, they love his attitude. The Warriors are obviously gonna miss him, but when guys like that are not playing, it’s a blow to the league.”

How will the Warriors look without Klay Thompson?

A news update suggests Klay underwent a successful surgery and chances are strong that he will make a complete recovery. This will increase his odds of representing the Warriors when and if they qualify for the 2021 postseason. Without him, it’ll be close to impossible for GSW to eye a title win.

Having said that, the entry of Kelly Oubre Jr. will surely ease their pain, but he isn’t as good as Klay Thompson. However, now that they have a talent like James Wiseman, they can breeze through the regular season if Draymond Green can stay at his efficient best. Stephen Curry has sounded positive about the upcoming year in his interviews, and this has instilled some trust back in the GSW fans. 

With other WC teams securing good off-season deals, it will be a nasty battle this time for the ailing Warriors.

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