Golden State Warriors Not Interested in LaMelo Ball, Have New Plans for NBA Draft Pick

June 4, 2020 3:11 pm

Sometimes situations can change in the blink of an eye. Something similar happened with prospective #1 NBA draft LaMelo Ball, as the Golden State Warriors have apparently changed their mind.

Who will the Golden State Warriors go for?

When the draft talks initially emerged, the NBA league believed LaMelo Ball will end up becoming #1 in the 2020 NBA draft. Ball has a family name to keep up in the sports industry. He is the son of LaVar Ball, a former professional football player, and bother to New Orleans Pelicans player Lonzo Ball.



Currently playing for Illawarra Hawks in NBL, a shoe company, details of which remain unknown, offered LaMelo $100 million and a private jet as part of a sneaker endorsement deal.

However, contradictory to several mock drafts that placed the 18-year-old with the Warriors, the Bay Area team is apparently looking somewhere else.



San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Warriors were considering Iowa State Cyclones’ player Tyrese Haliburton.

“I’ve been told that (Tyrese Haliburton) has emerged as the No. 1 point guard on the Warriors’ board,” Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronical wrote. “Yes, above LaMelo Ball and Killian Hayes.”

Apparently, several members from the GSW’s front office went to Ames, Iowa, back in January. It looked like a visit to see whether Tyrese Haliburton would be a good fit.



Letourneau continued that “If Golden State lands anywhere between No. 2 and No. 5, it will seriously consider Haliburton.”

Haliburton’s take on his game



Tyrese Haliburton talked to ESPN’s Mike Schmitz back in April. He believed he had an unconventional form. However, he revealed that it was even worse as a freshman because he wasn’t strong enough.

Talking about how he grew in terms of his game, Haliburton explained,

“Even this year, I played with it a little bit because I knew I’d be more of an emphasis defensively. You might see sometimes my pull-up doesn’t look the same as my catch-and-shoot shot. But it’s just dependent on how I can get it there.

“I feel like I put a lot of time in and no matter how I release it, I feel like every shot’s going in.”



Mike Schmitz declared that Haliburton has one of the highest basketball IQs out of any player in the draft.

Now we wait and watch who the Warriors go for.

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