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Golden State Warriors Player Shares A Hilarious Story of Stephen Curry’s Kids Questioning Team’s Losing Streak

Golden State Warriors Player Shares A Hilarious Story of Stephen Curry’s Kids Questioning Team’s Losing Streak

The success of the Golden State Warriors in recent years has been tremendous. Draymond Green has been with the Bay team since 2012, and has been a part of several successful campaigns. However, at one point in time, a string of losses left Green being interrogated by Steph Curry’s daughter, Riley. 

The Warriors have made it to the playoffs ever since Riley was born. They have won the championship thrice in the past five years and built a team that tormented opponents with its small ball game. During the 2015-16 NBA season, GSW lost only nine games to shatter the previous record set by Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. But, similar to media critics, Riley Curry once hilariously blew her stream at Draymond in a result of the team engaging in a string of losses. 

Green explains the agony of Riley when the Golden State Warriors were on the back of  a losing streak

 Draymond Green recently shared a story about his kids and Steph’s kids questioning him about the team’s losses. Once the Warriors had lost a game, and he went into the room where all of the players’ kids and wives sit. “I walk in the kids’ room and Riley’s in there, my daughter’s in there, my son’s in there, and I walk in and they are like, ‘hey we lost!’ and I’m like yeah we lost.”

Apart from the result they wanted to know the reason behind the defeat. “They are just like ‘but why did we lose?’ They just did not understand why we had lost. And then the losses started to pile up. Riley kinda gave me a side-eye like ‘we lost again, we lost again.’”

Draymond then reminded everyone of their team’s dominance in the most subtle way. “The fact of the matter is Steph’s kids, my kids…They’ve never seen us lose.” Furthermore, he even asked the Warriors fans to calm down with their reactions after a loss. Fans tend to get overexcited supporting their favorite team, and Green wants to emphasize that winning three tiles in five years is no easy feat and it is easy to get “spoilt” as fans.

However, the 2019-20 season has not been kind at all to the Warriors. Steph Curry broke his left hand in November, and has not played since. Klay Thompson, on the other hand, is recovering from an ACL tear. The Warriors, without the ‘Splash Brothers’, have been struggling very much. Their 15-50 record is nowhere close to booking them a playoff spot.

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