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Stephen Curry: Dwyane Wade Highlights How Shooting is Still Not His Biggest Strength

Stephen Curry: Dwyane Wade Highlights How Shooting is Still Not His Biggest Strength

In 2009, a young graduate from Carolina, Stephen Curry, became the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft and joined the Golden State Warriors. Little did anyone knew he would revolutionize the game of basketball over the next few years in San Fransisco.

With Curry, the Golden State Warriors built a team that would feature in the finals of five consecutive NBA seasons, winning three of them. With a 3-point shooting percentage of 43.5 %, Curry’s play influenced many coaches’ strategy books in the NBA.

Dwyane Wade feels shooting isn’t the biggest strength of Stephen Curry

Shooting is undoubtedly a strength in Curry’s game but not the biggest strength according to Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade. Talking in an Instagram live session, Wade felt that Curry’s movements off the ball were extremely lethal. Wade, in fact,  felt that it was his biggest strength- bigger than his 3-point shooting.

“He’s like the nicest person in the world,” Dwyane Wade said about Stephen Curry. “But one of Steph’s greatest strength that a lot of people — some people talk about — but a lot of people don’t because they talk about all the 3s and the ball-handling, is Steph never stops moving off the ball.

“You guys see when Steph gives the ball up, that’s when he’s his most dangerous and that’s crazy to think, right? Because when he has the ball, he’s unguardable. But when he does not have the ball, forget about it.”

Wade also went live with Carmelo Anthony- both of whom were a part of the 2003 Draft Class. The third and fifth overall picks in the draft discussed what many consider one of the most talented draft classes of all time.

The duo also talked about a time when LeBron James, the first overall pick of the 2003 draft, once saved Anthonys’s life.


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