“Got Our A**es Beat”: Heat Legends Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem Recall Facing Allen Iverson

October 30, 2020 10:30 pm

The 2020 Miami Heat team has made the entire franchise proud. Dwyane Wade is thrilled about them reaching the finals in a pandemic struck season. Recently, Wade and Heat veteran Udonis Haslem reminisced about their rookie season opener and then dragged Allen Iverson into the conversation. But why? 

Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade are loyal servants of the Heat franchise. While the latter retired in 2019, Haslem is still a part of the team. Though he doesn’t get much playing time, the 40-year-old is an integral part of the roster owing to his experience. 

October 28 marks a special day in Wade and Haslem’s calendars. It is the day when D-Wade and Haslem made their official NBA debuts. The journey began at that moment in 2003 for these two, who are now deemed as legends of the game. 

Naturally, Udonis Haslem shared an OTD post on Instagram by sharing an update posted by AP’s Tim Reynolds. The journalist’s Twitter post mentioned Wade and Haslem’s special moment, but it also pointed out that the Miami Heat ended up losing the game. 

So where does Allen Iverson come in this conversation? ‘The Answer’ has nothing to do with the Miami Heat, as he never played for them in his career. But he has played against them several times, and co-incidentally, Wade made his debut against the Philadelphia 76ers and Iverson. 

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A trip down the memory lane: When Allen Iverson schooled the Miami Heat

Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade absolutely cherished the moment looking back on their official starts. Haslem shared Reynolds’ post and subtly mentioned how they were bettered by an Iverson led Sixers team. 

D-Wade then put the respect on Iverson’s name and wrote: “We weren’t worried about the outcome. We were pumped that we were starting in an NBA game against AI.” 

Likewise, Haslem too mentioned how “star struck” they were when facing the 2001 league MVP. The two Heat rookies made their grand entry into the league, but Iverson spoiled the party by posting 26.0 points in the opening game of the 2003/04 NBA season. 

Sure, Allen Iverson did toy with the Miami Heat on that night in 2003. But it was D-Wade who stole the show by posting team-high 18.0 points on his official debut. His rookie year sent sparks around the league and Wade fit into the system quite well, and the rest is history!

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