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“He Was Trying to Challenge LeBron’s Authority”: NBA Analyst Slams Kyrie Irving

“He Was Trying to Challenge LeBron’s Authority”: NBA Analyst Slams Kyrie Irving

Reacting to Kyrie Irving and his views against the NBA’s restart, analyst Skip Bayless felt he was trying to compete with LeBron James in becoming an activist.

Irving led a conference call last Friday talking about how the league’s restart would affect the ongoing protests. Bayless felt Kyrie was great as a player but was not among the people who are born leaders.

“I have still huge respect for Kyrie’s brainpower and his clutch scoring power. He’s a gifted young man, both physically and mentally. But to your point, he was not born with that leadership gene that some people have and some don’t,” Bayless said on the Undisputed.

Bayless felt Irving was trying to become the activist that LeBron James has been over the years.

“I believe he was trying to challenge LeBron’s authority his pre-eminent position in this league regarded as the number one activist in all of the sports,” Bayless continued. “Kyrie said ‘watch what I can activate here.’ But he didn’t have a plan that he could articulate. All of a sudden, the quietest Laker comes out of left field and all of sudden Avery Bradley takes over as the voice of the coalition and he starts making sense to me.”

Brooklyn Nets won’t have Kyrie Irving in action until next season

Irving is currently out of action owing to a shoulder injury. Playing his first game for the Nets at the start of the season, he had a great start with 50 points on debut. But injuries limited his game time in the first season for the Nets. The Nets were also without another new signing Kevin Durant who is yet to make a debut for them.

But the Nets had a decent season in spite of the absence of their star men. Prior to the league’s suspension, the Nets were seventh in the Eastern Conference with 30 wins in 64 games. They will be looking to make it to the playoffs and have a decent run if and when the league resumes.


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