“He’s a Two Trick Pony”: Analyst Insults Stephen Curry, Calls Golden State Warriors’ Fans “Weak A**”

May 13, 2020 1:13 am

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry isn’t even among the top 25 players of all-time according to radio host Adam Clanton. Clanton wasn’t impressed when ESPN ranked Curry as 13th while ranking the top 74 players in NBA history.

On Tuesday, ESPN released its list of players ranked from 11 to 40 in NBA history. Curry apparently was 13th on the list. Replying to ESPN on Twitter, Clanton criticized them for ranking Curry so high. Calling him a “two-trick pony,” he claimed that Curry had a very high rank for a player who does not have any Finals MVP awards to his name.

“No one who is a real expert would ever have Steph Curry as the 13th-best NBA player of all time. He’s not even Top 25, and it’s laughable how much your network slobbers all over that two-trick pony who’s never even won a Finals MVP. Save at least a shred of your dignity,” his tweet read.

Clanton later also admitted that Curry was amongst the best players in the league in the current generation. However, he wasn’t among the all-time best players according to Clanton.

“He can shoot and pass. One of those better than 99% of the current league. Great. He ain’t No. 13 all-time. ESPN continues to be a joke,” one of his replies read.

After comments against Stephen Curry, Clanton shared his discontent with Golden State Warriors fans

Clanton wasn’t done with calling Curry overrated in ESPN’s rankings. He went against the Warriors fans, who he thought were fans only until their team won. The Warriors rose to prominence in the last decade in an incredible manner.

They have been in the last five NBA Finals, winning three of them. However, they had a dismal 2019/20 season. They were at the bottom of the Western Conference prior to the league’s suspension. Clanton believed many Bay Area fans had changed to other teams after the dismal season.

The Warriors run in recent years is often compared to the Chicago Bulls’ dominant years in the 1990s. However, Clanton believed that the Warriors teams are too “soft”. He tweeted that The Last Dance is exposing the difference and that Michael Jordan would have run through the Warriors side.


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