Former Teammate Talks On How He Realized Russel Westbrook Was Destined for Greatness in NBA

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Russell Westbrook played for the UCLA Bruins in his college career. Westbrook and Cavs star Kevin Love played together as teammates for one year. Love entered as a rookie, while Westbrook was in his sophomore year. When Love came to UCLA, how did long did it take for him to recognize Westbrook’s talents?

Russell Westbrook landed in the NBA as a top recruit and has lived up to all expectations till now. Brodie undoubtedly stood out in his freshman and sophomore years with his explosive talent as a teenager.

When Kevin Love joined the OM3 Pod, he was asked by JJ Redick and Tommy Alter about Westbrook’s special talents as a sophomore player. The 2016 NBA champion explained how he was wowed by Westbrook right from their first interaction.

Kevin Love saw Russell Westbrook play in his first campus visit

As a rookie, Love had to find his way around the campus. He explained the adventurous process on the podcast and then delved into how he stumbled upon a raging Russell Westbrook.

Love witnessed a game where Westbrook’s Bruins took on a few pros from the league in a pickup. “He [Russell Westbrook] was just grabbing a rebound on top of the square, bringing it down, kind of dribbling, surveying the court, getting up, getting way above, finishing with his left,” he said.

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“Body control, how he passed, what he was willing to take on in an open gym, I was like, ‘Wow, this kid’s gonna be amazing’.”

After two years of taking over UCLA, Westbrook then entered the association. The 31-year-old is still dazzling fans with his spectacular abilities.

Kevin Love informed how Westbrook “took off” in his sophomore year, and we don’t think he’s stepped down yet. He’s in his 11th year in the league, still playing with the same fiery attitude as ever. With an MVP award, and two scoring titles to his name, Brodie is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer.

Westbrook has built a legacy for himself in OKC, cementing himself as a franchise legend in the eleven years he spent there. The spectacular move to Houston seems to be working out just fine with James Harden. How far can this dynamic duo take the Rockets in their time as teammates?

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